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Magic Hands – Limousine

Magic HandsMagic Hands is the new project of Alex Badham and Lucy Roleff, and ‘Limousine’ is their funky and exciting debut track.

There is so much going on in this track, and so much to love. If you’re a sucker for vocal interplay, then the alternating deep male vocals with Lucy’s smoky high notes is bound to make your ears melt. Add the eclectic mix of ambient driving┬ápercussion, haunting squelching organ-like synth and generalised woody undertones and you have a genre defining pop song that you just want to listen to again and again. I cannot wait for more from these two, there is a lot of exciting potential here.

New Navy – Heaven

New NavyNew Navy are back, and their latest release ‘Heaven’ has definitely been worth the wait.

Whilst ‘Heaven’ is a lot less jangly and fast paced compared to ‘Uluwatu’ and ‘Zimbabwe’, the New Navy boys haven’t lost any of their smoothness in production, with the slow beating percussion binding with the synth and keyboards nigh on perfectly. This is definitely a change, but the tropical party vibes are still present, but now of the more mature and sophisticated Ritz Carlton variety. With the band joining the Select Music crew, lets hope a full release isn’t too far away.


Diamonds of Neptune – Fruit Tingles

Diamonds of NeptuneDiamonds of Neptune are the proprietors of the super catchy tune ‘Fruit Tingles’.

Transcending the gap between shoegaze and indie pop, ‘Fruit Tingles’ mixes a two paced journey that is nothing short of an eargasm. With similarities to Two Door Cinema Club, and Bombay Bicycle club, these guys have a very energetic and accessible sound. Loaded with jangly, bounding guitars and an infectious synth melody, this track just oozes fun vibes, and is sure to be on our playlists for a while.

Airling – The Runner

AirlingThe term indie pop masterpiece is thrown around pretty liberally these days, but the term is more than appropriate for Airling’s second single of the year, entitled ‘The Runner’,

I am in love with Airling’s distorted, ethereal pop. There is something about her vocals that just caresses my ears and soothes the soul like nothing else. Musically, it sounds like Airling recorded using some sort of electric waterbed which is out of equilibrium. Her music just flows and squirms through this melodic and addictive form of synth pop. ‘The Runner’ is another great tune from Airling.

The Staffords – Passing Ships In The Night

avatars-000076848134-z1pvxn-t500x500Melbourne pop rockers The Staffords have just released ‘Passing Ships in The Night’, the perfect follow up to bouncy debut ‘About Love’.

The Staffords are getting a reputation for creating grooving pop rock numbers with more than a hint of blues. This is in part thanks to the notable inclusion of the double bass, which definitely adds an element of uniqueness to their sound. With some insightful and heavy lyrical references, delivered with punch and clarity, these guys are really nailing their post punk genre.

The Griswolds – Beware The Dog

The GriswoldsWe are so excited to announce that The Griswolds are back with their brand new number ‘Beware the Dog’.

Despite being a staple of their live show for more than 18 months, its great to see this awesome live tune released onto the hard format. Underpinned by their trademark bouncy calypso pop that made ‘Mississippi’ and ‘Heart of A Lion’ such hits, the subtle bitchy undertones in the lyrics clearly distinguish this as a Griswolds number. Allthough a little too polished for my liking, and lacking raw Griswolds punch of previous, ‘Beward the Dog’ does hit the spot with its sing-a-long nature. With a debut album due out soon, and a successful time at SXSW, expect these guys to be all over the airwaves before the year is out.

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