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Firekites – The Counting

Firekites‘The Counting’ is the second taste of Firekites impending second album called ‘Closing Forever Sky’ which has been more than half a decade in the making.

Having waited nearly 6 years for Firekites to release new music, I’m glad to say they haven’t disappointed. ‘The Counting’ is a breathtaking track, progressively building, steadily adding vocals and more subtle beats to the constant wash of rolling guitars. Its the kind of track that just absorbs you into another misty ambient world, it is the soundtrack to that daydream that made you miss your bus stop. August 15 is the album release date, and it can’t come quick enough, I’m hooked.

Sleepy Tea – Hold Onto Your Breath

Sleepy TeaSleepy Tea are a Brisbane 5 piece who are bound to be making waves if ‘Hold Onto Your Breath’ is anything to go by.

Dreamy pop is definitely a thing at the moment, and I am well on the bandwagon, which is why finding this hidden gem of a band is so exciting. Sleepy Tea are producing an ambient swooning sound based of soft rustic drumming and delicately bouncing guitars that has just made my brain explode – in a good way. They have a fantastic arrangement that really unleashes this earthy organic vibe to their music, and it combines so well with the mysterious and inviting vocals, to create a sound that I doubt I will ever get sick of.


Augie March – After The Crack Up

Augie MarchAugie March are back!!!

Thats right, and true to their alternative nature they have released the best video of the year for their track ‘After The Crack Up’. More of a short musical, than a music video, this 4 and half minute gem is a ode to the original 1906 film version of The Kelly Gang. If the video isn’t to your taste, firstly WTF? but at least their music is still pretty epic. Their dreamy alternate pop hits the spot, and with an impending 5th album due out shortly, this is definitely a good thing.

Jenny Broke The Window – ‘We Could Have Done This Grant’

JBTWSydney’s finest, Jenny Broke the Window, are back with a crazy good brand new track called ‘We Could Have Done This Grant’.

If you thought ‘Rum n’ Cola’ was poppy and fun, then strap yourselves in for ‘We Could Have Done This Grant’. Armed with that same rolling guitar that steadily builds throughout the track, this indie pop gem firmly cements JBTW as one of the indie scenes rising stars. Hopefully, these guys will have a celebratory tour, because they are one band who definitely want to see live.

Magic Hands – Limousine

Magic HandsMagic Hands is the new project of Alex Badham and Lucy Roleff, and ‘Limousine’ is their funky and exciting debut track.

There is so much going on in this track, and so much to love. If you’re a sucker for vocal interplay, then the alternating deep male vocals with Lucy’s smoky high notes is bound to make your ears melt. Add the eclectic mix of ambient driving percussion, haunting squelching organ-like synth and generalised woody undertones and you have a genre defining pop song that you just want to listen to again and again. I cannot wait for more from these two, there is a lot of exciting potential here.

New Navy – Heaven

New NavyNew Navy are back, and their latest release ‘Heaven’ has definitely been worth the wait.

Whilst ‘Heaven’ is a lot less jangly and fast paced compared to ‘Uluwatu’ and ‘Zimbabwe’, the New Navy boys haven’t lost any of their smoothness in production, with the slow beating percussion binding with the synth and keyboards nigh on perfectly. This is definitely a change, but the tropical party vibes are still present, but now of the more mature and sophisticated Ritz Carlton variety. With the band joining the Select Music crew, lets hope a full release isn’t too far away.


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