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Little May – Little May EP Review

Sydney’s Little May have been one of my favourite rising bands on the local scene and the release of their debut EP has been much anticipated by the industry and myself alike.

Having already had the likes of ‘Dust’ and ‘Hide’, and now latest single ‘Bones’ gracing the Js, and debut track ‘Boardwalks’ popping up on Unearthed and a host of blogs, its fair to say that we had a fair idea of how this EP was going to pan out, and also outlines the why there was so much hype.

Safe to say the EP stands the test, with their five raw indie tracks not only showing diversity in sound but providing a blissful listen. There is something about their arrangement and the ease of the vocalists in nailing those harmonies, that makes your ears warm and  is so uplifting. But if harmonies aren’t your thing (firstly wtf), then their intricate rolling guitars and rustic tribal beats is sure to hit the spot. I am a personal fan of ‘Boardwalks’, with their melodic guitar crescendo blowing my mind.

With these guys having already supported the likes of Mikhael Paskalev, being announced of Falls Festival, and being about to set out on their own tour their is plenty of chances to get on the Little May bandwagon. In the meantime, check out the EP and see why the hype is justified.

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Panama – Stay Forever

artworks-000088126680-sw0exg-t500x500Panama have re-emerged from the shadows, releasing their new slickly produced track ‘Stay Forever’.

‘Stay Forever’ is suave piece of summery disco that is a delight to fans of old and bound to earn them plenty of new followers. Its just another example of the polite infectious electro sound that Panama have become synonymous with, and quite clearly perfected. These guys are now a staple of the Future Classic stable, plying their trade so successfully that its not a surprise that they are selling out shows throughout the US and Europe. With the track available for free download, let hope an EP or album isnt far around the corner.

Interview with Mammals

MammalsMammals is the moniker of Sydney all rounder Guy Brown, who will be playing a string of shows including a Bigsound appearance in celebration of the release of his forthcoming debut EP Animalia, a chilled out, lusciously layered oceanic triumph of production. He also just dropped a sweet new collaboration with Goldroom.

We caught up with Guy for a chat about the EP, and to heard his Donald Duck impression

Just so we’re clear from the get go who exactly is Mammals? Is it still just you or have you picked a couple of band members along the way?

Well I write all the music but we play live with a band, we’ve got guitar, vocals bass and drums. It’s usually the same crew, sometimes when the guys are away we grab someone else but at the moment it’s pretty solid.

I’ve been lucky enough to have a listen to the EP, I feel like lyrically you’ve taken it to another level do you think that’s fair to say?

Yeah some of the themes are pretty close to me so I was pretty stoked about writing them, hopefully it turns out well and gets a good reception.

Could you describe the sound to our readers who haven’t had the privilege yet?

Ah, whenever people ask us we say the same thing, super chilled vibey soup. I don’t know why but it seems to work.

An article in Vulture magazine said that you guys were set to explode in the next 12 months, the EP sounds pretty Triple J friendly do you feel like a big fame explosion is on the cards soon?

I don’t know, I just want to play more gigs and write music with other guys. So hopefully if it’s well received I can just keep doing that because I love music so much, and all I want to do is be able to play it for other people. If they like it then that’s awesome.

You’ve been announced on the Bigsound lineup which is kind of Australia’s SXSW in a way, why do you think it’s so important in Australia’s music industry?

Yeah I think it’s just a great opportunity to go up there, get the name out there and do some networking as well as playing and watching awesome gigs.

And are you excited about the gig?

Yeah we’re stoked about it I’ve got a couple of mates who are playing up there as well so I’m looking forward to going up there and partying.

Which mates?

Nick, the lead singer from Deep Sea Arcade, I work with him in a recording studio in Sydney he’s a legend. And if I can get up a day earlier I’ll definitely check out Seekae. And Fractures too, we played a gig with them last week great dudes.

That gig sold out didn’t it? How did it go?

Yeah it did luckily, I think we played pretty well. It was the first time we played with the regular dudes in a while. One of them got back from America the night before and we hadn’t jammed in over a month so we were a bit nervous but it went really well.

In the past few years you’ve supported a few big names, Of Monsters & Men, The 1975, does that help get you ready for a few headlining shows?

Yeah it’s such a cool experience to be able to do it, but it can be really stressful at times. That 1975 gig we got offered like a week before the shows and two of my band members were away so we had to find a drummer and a bass player in time and teach them the songs. But that’s all part of the experience, it keeps you on your toes and hopefully we are getting slicker.

The 1975 were awesome dudes too, it was great to have a couple of beers with them. But when you get to play those gigs you get to experience such a big crowd and feel those vibes and it just makes you hungrier.

You’re all about the vibes aren’t you.

Haha definitely, that 1975 gig was mental though there were girls lining up for it at 6.30am, and it was all ages, these girls just wanted to be down the front so bad. They were just losing there shit and we got the dregs of them so we got a bit more of an audience. But when we came on at 8 (p.m) the Enmore was packed. And people were just losing there shit, falling over and getting dragged out crying.

Tell me something unexpected about you that not many people would know?

Oh haha okay, making me think on my feet here. I used to do a whole bunch of acting when I was really little, I did heaps of stuff with Opera Australia. I was in The Sound of Music and Oliver and did a whole bunch of T.V ads too. Like the original Banana ad, you know that Banananana nah nah naaaah ad?

But I was so thankful that at my 21st it was an outdoor thing so they couldn’t play the videos.

But probably the best thing is that I can speak Donald duck like a boss.

(I can confirm that indeed his Donald duck impression, is in fact boss)

What’s the best thing about a live Mammals show?

For me or you? For me probably getting heaps maggot.

Does that happen at every Mammals show?

Nah we try to be good, when its an important gig we don’t drink too much.

What’s the worst you’ve ever been at a gig?

Oh man okay, I can’t tell you where it is but I’ll tell you what happened. We were playing a couple of shows somewhere and just grabbed this one gig booking the night before supporting Owl Eyes, and we had to hire drums and shit it was just a horrible mess. Then we got there and there was pretty much nobody there besides a few of my friends that came down from Sydney. So we thought lets just get fucking wasted, so we did, and it ended up with myself doing a guitar solo while walking underneath my guitarists legs and for the final song my pants came down. And so the promoter dude said ‘you’ll regret this gig for the rest of your lives and you’ll never play in this town again.’ But he was wrong I fucking loved it, it was amazing.

And what’s the best part of the live show for me the fan?

Probably my pants around my ankles, haha no people seem to froth out on the shaker, and maybe some sweet dance moves.

Falls Festival Announce Line-Up

Get Excited for New Years 2014!!!


Interview with Jonathon Boulet

JbouletAfter extensive tours of the UK and US that saw him play SXSW, and spending a year in Germany, critic darling Jonathan Boulet is back down under with a brand new album exploring new territory for the Sydney singer/songwriter.

Gubba is noticeably darker and heavier than it’s predecessors, with a fuzzy garage rock sound which compliments the film clip to the first single off the track Hold It Down, which sees a group of would be bikes trying their hardest to look cool.
Being the genuine top bloke that he is Jonathan was happy to answer a few of our questions about the album and his time overseas.

What did your year living in Germany consist of? Besides of course writing and producing Gubba.

Caught up on some much needed globe trotting. Saw some wonderful places and met some colourful people. Otherwise, we kicked back and cruised along in Berlin.

Speaking of Gubba it seems to be a lot faster and fuzzier than its predecessors, did you make a conscious decision to sound a little heavier in this record or did it just kind of happen?

It was conscious. I didn’t turn the guitar amp on one day to find it had been magically knocked up to 11. As the record leading up to this one was also a fair bit heavier than the last, this one was to take it up 1 more notch. Where to from here though? Another notch? But John, that surely is far too many notches! Yes sir, probably.

After spending a few years touring and writing overseas is it exciting or nerve wracking to be heading out again in Australia?

Not at all nerve racking. It’s heart warming. It’s soul quenching. It’s canned love, straight off the shelf. Very excited to catch up with friends and throw shrimps on the barbie.

What did you miss most about Australia?

The Mad Mex franchise. The dangerous UV levels. And the loveable Politicians.

What did you miss the least about Australia?

It’s proximity to Europe and the United Kingdom.

The guys in the Hold It Down film clips are sort of bikie versions of the guy in The Offspring’s Pretty Fly For A White Guy film clip, I heard the ring leader of that gang is related to you? Was it a fun shoot?

Yeah that’s my Dad. Me Pa. He used to ride. And he still does apparently.

I wasn’t there for the shoot as I was and still am overseas but apparently it was not fun to shoot. I think it may have started fun but there were storm clouds rolling in and started pissing down on everyone. Then there was the constant engine troubles. People kept breaking down and having to fix their bikes roadside so as to continue with the shoot. I’m very pleased that they didn’t give up though, I love that clip!

On your website you list a few things you’ve been called in the past, like a dick waving in the wind and a sexy motherfucker, did someone really call you a beluga whale because of your ‘roman’ nose? Who would say a thing like that?

Yes that one did actually happen. Scott from the John Steel Singers can vouch for that one. He was there, and the catch phrase of the night ended up being “do the beluga”. And I believe it was a drunk girl. Thats who.

Are you going to continue to produce your own records or do you think you’ll enlist some help somewhere down the track?

For my solo stuff, I will continue to DIY. It’s just too much fun. You can actually do whatever the fuck you want and no one can tell you it’s a bad idea or that it’s shit. At least until after you put it out, haha. But by that point exterior opinion might as well be a foreign language.

Your side project Parades called it a day a few years ago, will you be working on anything else on the side in the near future or just sticking to the solo stuff?

Yeah I got a couple things I’m working on at the moment. But you won’t know till their ready!!!!!

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions Jonathan, we’re big fans of the album!

No worries thanks mates. And don’t forget to do the Beluga.

Catch Jonathan at one of these shows:
Friday, 15th August 2014
Northcote Social Club, Melbourne
Saturday, 16th August 2014
Pirie & Co Social Club, Adelaide
Thursday, 21st August 2014
Goodgod, Sydney
Thursday, 28th August 2014
Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane

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