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Morning Harvey – Love&loveand. EP Review

Morning HarveyMorning Harvey are genre blending four piece out of Brisbane who have released a atmospheric and entertaining EP called ‘Love&loveand.’.

With an EP title that is a grammar Nazi’s worst nightmare, you instantly assume that this EP is either so good its an offering from the gods, or more likely, that a group of dickheads have dropped an EP where the only hype is self generated. As it turns out, the answer lies closer towards an offering.

This Brisbane foursome have made an EP that is instantly addictive with a nigh on perfect amalgamation of psychedelia and 80s garage rock, with a healthy sprinkling of modern indie. The diversity makes this an instantly accessible album, sure to delight the modern fans of Tame Impala through to Oasis and even lovers of the classics like The Velvet Underground.

Morning Harvey suck you in from the outset announcing the beginning of your grandiose sonic adventure with a fuzz filled, grunge laden, stomping tune by the name  ‘Pinch Me Velvet’. The follow up ‘Smith Street Swap Meet’ is another giant soaring rock odyssey and probably my favourite track of the EP, with the jangled guitars and hazy vocals really striking a chord.

To be honest, the guitar work throughout the EP is pretty rad and probably the major factor that makes it such an appealing listen. There is something about the way Morning Harvey make each hook so individually noticeable, yet when combined create a viscous cloud of sound that is so thick it appears as one, hitting the spot and engulfing your ears in full in the process.

‘Quince’ signs off the EP with its swaggering harmonies and soaring meshwork of guitars leaving you hastily checking your watch to see if you have time to start ‘Pinch Me Velvet’ and listen all over again. Safe to say, Morning Harvey have captured my ears with ‘Love&loveand.’ being one of the best listens in my recent times. Check it out and feel free to join me as one of the converted.

Little May – Little May EP Review

Sydney’s Little May have been one of my favourite rising bands on the local scene and the release of their debut EP has been much anticipated by the industry and myself alike.

Having already had the likes of ‘Dust’ and ‘Hide’, and now latest single ‘Bones’ gracing the Js, and debut track ‘Boardwalks’ popping up on Unearthed and a host of blogs, its fair to say that we had a fair idea of how this EP was going to pan out, and also outlines the why there was so much hype.

Safe to say the EP stands the test, with their five raw indie tracks not only showing diversity in sound but providing a blissful listen. There is something about their arrangement and the ease of the vocalists in nailing those harmonies, that makes your ears warm and  is so uplifting. But if harmonies aren’t your thing (firstly wtf), then their intricate rolling guitars and rustic tribal beats is sure to hit the spot. I am a personal fan of ‘Boardwalks’, with their melodic guitar crescendo blowing my mind.

With these guys having already supported the likes of Mikhael Paskalev, being announced of Falls Festival, and being about to set out on their own tour their is plenty of chances to get on the Little May bandwagon. In the meantime, check out the EP and see why the hype is justified.

Split Seconds – Neil Young and Dumb EP Review

SpitSecondsOnBikesHiResPerth indie pop band Split Seconds have released a sophisticated new EP by the title of ‘Neil Young and Dumb’.

This is an EP that has traverses the genres, combining songs deemed indie rock, with folky melodies and guitar pop to create a five song listen that never disappoints. Lead single ‘Halfway There’ is a particular highlight, with the beautiful interplay of male and female vocals climaxing into one incredibly catchy chorus.

Although the band may have relocated to Melbourne, there are plenty of references to their true home in the West, that brings a sense of personability to this EP that makes it so enjoyable. This is particularly clear on ‘Two Birds’ and ‘She Fell into A Safe Pair of Hands’, and show that this is an EP that is clearly written about events that affected the band, and something that you can tell the guys are really proud of. That in itself brings a sense of relatability that makes this album resonate with the listener. But add the fact that they tell these stories through sophisticated and clever lyrics (I mean anyone who can use Shane Watson as a lyrical metaphor clearly has linguistic skills), makes this EP so easy and entertaining to listen to.

Young Franco – Close 2 U EP Review

Young FrancoYoung Franco has released his two track EP ‘Close to You’, featuring the title track and its house-y mate ‘Hurricane’.

Its the kind of EP that despite its minute nature, features two hearty dance tracks to not only pump you up on a Friday avo, but keep you dancing over the weekend and through to Monday. The best bit, its available for free download on Soundcloud (or the link below), so give yourself space, press play and cut a groove to one of the hottest rising stars on the electronic music scene.

Meg Mac – MEGMAC EP Review

MegMac_HiResPressShot_August2014She’s already garnered attention across Australia with the belting ballad ‘Roll Up Your Sleeves’, but now Meg Mac is set to warm ears once more with the release of her debut EP ‘MEGMAC’ out September 12.

Meg Mac has been kicking around the local scene for a while, but her delay in producing an EP has really paid off, with ‘MEGMAC’ being one of the strongest debut EPs I have heard in a while. Many artists have a strong voice, but Meg Mac has combined her powerful stirring vocals with an intricate arrangement of instruments and flawless production to create a sound that is not only attention grabbing, but so god damn enjoyable.

There is something so universally accessible about the simplistic vocal dominant, beat laden EP Meg has produced. It is polite, intelligent and has that gritty dark element that just draws your ears towards wanting more.’Roll Up Your Sleeves’ is a rightful standout, and is deservedly sitting at number 3 on the indie charts, but ‘Known Better’ and ‘Every Lie’ are not far behind.  Its the type of record you can listen to with your mother, without detracting from its coolness in any way – the true sign of an EP that is not going to fade from your collection quickly.

JP Kilpspringer – Drip Dry EP Review

JP KlipspringerJP Klipspringer emerged on the scene when he dropped his debut single ‘Bury Me’ earlier this year. The great news is that he has finally dropped his debut EP, ‘Drip Dry’, and it is full of the same stirring and intelligent indie that made us fall in love with his original single.

JP Klipspringers debut EP, Drip Dry, is not catchy music, as the obsession with the sound he produces goes much deeper than something as tangible as poppy beat. The four track EP, which includes ‘Bury Me’, is a wonderful collection of slow paced and emotional music produced near perfectly. Second track ‘Anastasia’, is a particular favourite with its steady pulsing beat and looping piano melody, combining with the eerieness of the vocals to create a song that just connects with me. Final track, ‘Bring You Home’ provided the real suprise number of the EP, mixing up the deft piano loops of previous numbers, towards a more poppy almost RUFUS like electro number. And it works, blurring the lines of dance music and brooding indie to create a sound that will definitely increase JP Klipspringer’s accessibility.

Put simply, Drip Dry is an abolutely stunning debut EP from JP Klispspringer.

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