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Wave Racer – Flash Drive

Wave RacerTom Purcell aka Wave Racer has celebrated the announcement of his ‘Flash Drive EP‘ with the release of a single of the same name.

Flash Drive‘ the song features the vocals of Baby and like previous singles is full of an infectious energy that is sure to see it become a dance floor and festival favourite. ‘Flash Drive’ also highlights/confirms that Wave Racer has his own signature that runs through his music. I love it when there is that special something that makes a track instantly attributable to an artist, and the shimmering, interjecting keys present on ‘Flash Drive’ and similarly at a higher key in ‘Streamers’ are great example of the above point. A top tune and given its armed with a name that could easily be a nod to ‘Flash Dance’, I’m openly praying for a video clip that’s a festival inspired parody of the 1983 film classic. 

Review Falls Festival Marion Bay 2014

IMG_5063Falls 2014 saw the Aussie playlist crew leave the modern surrounds of Sydney for the rolling hills, boundless forests and plentiful bays of Tasmania as we hit the Marion Bay for the first time. After a couple days of driving and ferrying we arrived fully aware of the constraints of our small bladders, but alas had arrived in the beautiful Marion Bay down the South East of Tasmania.

Day 1 kicked off later in the ‘avo with a host of DJ sets followed by Client Liaison. Those guys can do two things really well. Firstly, they can really put on a show and secondly, they can pull off a pastel coloured sports jacket like nobodies business. It was a great way to kick off my festival and make me regret cutting the mullet off. They were followed up by DJ Woody who unexpectedly turned out to be one of my highlights of he whole three days. He mixed 40 years of hip hop into 90 minutes dropping classics from Kool and the Gang, Kurtis Blow with modern Kanye in a set that had the whole crowd pulsing.  Salt and pepper came out and dropped their classics ‘Push It’ and ‘Shoop’ but were certainty showing some signs of age. Alison wonderland closed the night with an epic set as always.mixing in her own popular tunes ‘I Want You’ and ‘Lies’ with a host of other crowd favourites.

Day 2 bought  the on and off again rain which was literally the only dampener as the bands on show didn’t figuratively dampen anything. It was a huge day for the purveyors of local tunes with Kim Churchill, Safia, Vance Joy, The Rubens, and Spiderbait gracing the stage. I really enjoyed The Rubens set, they were tight and played a couple of new songs that are due out later in 2015 and did enough to have me excited for their next album drop. Vance Joy was flawless again, and Safia really fired up the afternoon crowd with their funky electro sounds.  


The real highlight for Day 2 was watching a thumping but nostalgic end to one of Sydney’s premier bands, Bluejuice. The guys had a set that spanned the years with ‘Vitriol’, ‘Broken Leg’, ‘Act Yr Age’ and newie ‘I’ll Go Crazy’ given a thorough workout in a fun set that will always have finished too soon.

The Temper Trap put on an awesome shows being one of the first big bands to play, they had the lights and the sounds to satisfy any fan. ‘Fader’, ‘Sweet Disposition’ and other breakthrough tracks were interposed with second album tunes and a couple of soon to be released tasters in an electrifying set that definitely had everyone pumped and ready to go for Alt J. The English musicians aren’t so much into the show, but by god they are good instrumentalists, and nothing is better than feeling the body jarring bass of ‘Fitzpleasure’ live. 
The Presets have never been my favourite live band, but falls 2014 saw them mix things up, and actually be towards the shade of awesome. I’m sure the beer and copious amounts of dumpling wraps (probably the most amazing culinary discovery) I was consuming was helping. Todd Terje was the final act of the night and one that I was super stoked for, with his release it’s album time bein one of my favourite records of 2014. Pinging or not, people were breaking it down, whipping out the moves and having a ball.

New Years eve opened with Jim Lawrie, who is apparently no longer Grizzly, but does still play ‘Midnight Run’. Next was one of the few genuine clashes of the festival with the Kite String Tangle and Tkay Maidza facing off. I split myself between the two and was pleasantly suprised by the youthfulness and charm of the young South Australian, who was simply awesome. ‘Brontosaurus’ went off, and ‘Switch Lanes’ were particularly epic. 

Asgeir put on a sound show, with ‘King and Cross’ going off. DMAs were one of my favourites of the entire festival. Their set highlighted why they have had such a meteoric rise with each track being something of sonic brilliance. They played their EP in full and finished with the crowd harmonising to ‘Delete’.

Festival favourites Sticky Fingers played a bouncy show with plenty of singalongs, before a 60 minute rave kicked off to Jagwar Ma who excelled in their set. Cloud Control were elegantly polite in their set, which included ‘Gold Canary’ a throwback to ‘Buffalo Country’ and their big hit ‘Scar’.

La Roux was a band I hadn’t seen before and would hihgly recommend getting along to any side shows they do. Having not listened to La Roux for nigh on 4 years, the fact I could still recall all the lyrics to ‘Bulletproof’, ‘In for the Kill’, as well as ‘Uptight Downtown’ highlighted their ability for making catchy electro pop.

Empire of The Sun were the final band of 2014 playing a set that showed their capacity for entertainment as much as the quality of their music. Midnight came and they did the countdown for 2015. However, they then just walked off stage, with no last song to welcome in 2015. Luckily SBTRKT picked up the slack and bought 2015 with a bang.

Shukas 2015

Ocean Floor – Nova

Nova Press Photo 1Ocean Floor is the moniker of Harley Cooper, another bedroom musician who is showing the goods if his tune ‘Nova‘ is anything to go off.

I fell in love with ‘Nova’ from the beginning with its delicate folky introduction, caressing my ears in a way that I was not expecting. It is a real slow rumbler of a track, with its eerily slow acoustic strums and hauntingly soft vocals creating a thick heavy vibe that really resonates with the listener. Whilst its use of acoustic instruments may dictate that it is ‘not a banger’, Ocean Floor is showing a bit of talent, so keep an eye out for his EP which drops early next year.

Husky – Saint Joan


Husky have just dropped their second album, ‘Ruckers Hill‘, which has almost flown under the radar, so calm has been the hype surrounding its release. I caught Husky at the Brass Monkey in Sydney a couple of weeks back, I can vouch for the quality of ‘Ruckers Hill’, with the band testing some new funky rhythms and styles whilst still capitalizing on the strength a captivation of Husky Gawenda’s vocals. ‘Saint Joan‘ is the first single from the album, and features that characteristic vocal driven indie folk sound that made us fall in love with Husky the first time around. Luckily the whole album is something special, so if ‘Saint Joan’ is hitting the spot for you, there is plenty more out there.

Art of Sleeping – ‘Crazy’

Art of Sleeping

Art of Sleeping have released ‘Crazy’, the first single from their highly anticipated and well overdue debut which is yet unnamed and due out mid next year.

I was a huge fan of ‘Above the Water’, and ‘Empty Hands’ simply blew my mind, so its safe to say that Art of Sleeping are a band I really rate, and one who has had me anxiously waiting for the release of new music. ‘Crazy’ is has been worth the wait with guys pioneering a slightly different more mature sound, with the inclusion of attention grabbing electric riffs and soaring bass. Yet, they have not lost the ability to create emotional, stirring songs, and still have that knack of writing those catchy melodies that makes you want to listen to their tracks over and over. With the album due out next year, there is lots to be excited about from Art of Sleeping

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