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Friday Cover – Sweet Apes do Fireflies (Owl City)


Today’s Friday Cover is by Sydney post-hardcore rock outfit The Sweet Apes, who have stripped back and ‘rock-ified’ former #1 pop hit ‘Fireflies‘ by Owl City.

Ray Vavasis has managed to take one of pops most catchy and equally irritating choices for a number #1 and turn it into a rocky little acoustic number. The replacement of the high pitched keys for the acoustic guitar duo is very much welcomed in my opinion, and really gives a more personal and less synthetic feel to the song. Rays vocals, like in her Sweet Apes recordings are strong, powerful and melodic and really traverse the lyrics in a much more realistic manner than Owl City. The intricate guitar work around the 2 minute mark, and in the general key conversion is impressive. A great cover by a great band.

Friday Cover – Emma Louise and Husky do Sounds of Silence (Simon and Garfunkel)


Sounds of Silence is one of those instantly recorgnisable songs that has been covered by everyone – even The Simpsons – but nothing compares to the way that Emma Louise and Husky Gawenda took on in an episode of RocKwiz.

This beautiful duet is enough to turn even the most frustrating Fridays around, and make everybody else’s even better. Both their voices just intertwine so magnificently, being so carefully propelled by Husky’s delicate guitar plucks. They have harmonies that puts everyone else to shame. A fantastic song, an unrivaled rendition, and hopefully a cover that everyone will enjoy.

Friday Cover – Cub Scouts do Boy and Bear’s ‘The Storm’


Today’s Friday cover comes from Queensland indie poppers Cub Scouts as they take on ‘The Storm‘ a cracking tune by Sydney-siders Boy and Bear.

‘With Emperor Antarctica’ remains one of my farvourite EPs of all time, and its great to see Cub Scouts take ‘The Storm’ on and rework it into their own. A fun little track all recorded on their couch, Tim Nelson does a great job with the vocals, and the tambourine combined with keys from the tiny piano are rocking. Be sure to check out Tim Nelsons YouTube page, as it is filled with many takes of songs ranging from Brittney Spears to Washington.