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Gypsy and The Cat – New Video for ‘Sorry’


After waiting ages for new Gypsy and the Cat, I was pretty excited with ‘Sorry‘. To back up the audio the guys have just released a videoclip for the song that is equally as cool, featuring the weirdest, strangest and perhaps un-hippest party around. Loving the sounds, digging the clip, have a watch and let us know what you think!

Warning Birds – New Video for ‘Sally’

Warning Birds

We featured WA indie rockers Warning Birds and their track ‘Sally‘ couple of weeks back, and are glad to announce the band have got a super cool video clip to support their rad track.

Warning Birds lead singer Sam Carmody said the video clip was really trying to capture the moody vibes present in ‘Sally’, and was partially inspired by the cult film Donnie Darko. You can understand the inspiration, as like in Donnie Darko the clip for ‘Sally’ really captures the emotions of the anxious love-scared teenager, whilst also showing off the beautiful WA coast in the process. I like the cut backs to show Warning Birds playing their track, it really helps brings a bit of identity to the band behind the music. ‘Sally’ is a great song, and its so good to see it now has a fantastic clip to match.



Elephant Eyes – Mother Said Video Clip

Elephant Eyes

We featured Elephant Eyes then new track ‘Mother Said’  a few weeks back, and are delighted to share with you the new video clip that has been released to accompany it.

With a distinct rustic old fashioned feel to the clip, it perhaps matches the calm low tempo nature of the music in ‘Mother Said’. The strength and clarity of the vocals really hit you the second time around, Kate McMahon has a good set of pipes on her. Simple and elegant, great stuff guys.

Oceanics – New Video for Jukebox


NSW indie poppers Oceanics have just released the video for their catchy tune ‘Jukebox‘ off the EP ‘Bright People‘.

‘Jukebox’ has been clocking up the rotations on the J’s so its great to see the guys put a video together for the song. Its a pretty random clip, cutting from a female cover band, to a dude juggling lemons, and I’m pretty sure their was some subliminal advertising for guitar brand Fender in there somewhere. Despite the randomness of it all, I really like the clip and think it portrays the youthful enthusiasm and fun present in ‘Jukebox’ perfectly, the drumming with paint was especially cool! Good job guys!

Emma Louise – New Video for Boy and Tour Dates


Armed with a fantastic, graceful voice, Emma Louise has taken Australia by storm with her sweety quirky indie-folk tunes, with her EP going gold in the process.

‘Boy’ is the latest offering from Brisbane’s emma louise and, so far, has not only slipped in perfectly as the fitting follow-up single to last year’s spectacularly popular ‘Jungle’, but also the first glimpse into a future full length album. The film clip for the track has also just been released and although the song is filled with melancholy sadness, there is a hint of optimism as the video progresses and Emma admits that she still believes.

A really exciting new act, Emma Louise is taking to the road, playing a host of shows down the East Coast ably supported by Argentina, and Dads. With two awesome supports be sure to try and catch an cool gig and experience Emma Louise’s moving, intimate performances first hand.

‘Sparks’ Tour Dates

THURSDAY JUNE 28 [NEW SHOW] - Northcote Social Club, Melbourne
FRIDAY JUNE 29 [SOLD OUT] - Northcote Social Club, Melbourne
THURSDAY JULY 5 - The SoundLounge, Gold Coast
FRIDAY JULY 6 - Tanks Arts Centre, Cairns
WEDNESDAY JULY 11 - Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane
THURSDAY JULY 12 - Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane
FRIDAY JULY 20 - Oxford Art Factory, Sydney

Ben Wells and The Middle Names – New Video Clip for ‘A Good Read’


Ben Wells and the Middle Names released one of the best EPs of 2012, ‘House, Come Home’ that has been played continuously in Aussie Playlist HQ.

One of the more popular tracks off their EP was ‘A Good Read’ which received a fair amount of Triple J airplay thanks to its intense piano melody and catchy overlaying guitar riffs. It was one of the more heavy numbers off their EP, and in many ways reminded me of a more rocky version of Irish band The Script.

The cool news is that Ben Wells and The Middle Names have finally released an official video for ‘A Good Read’. The clip initially details the almost adventures of some book thieves, just eager to read, before becoming a little more intense as people gather around a fire for some book burning, giving off some pretty Lord of the Flies vibes. Nonetheless, its a cool little video.

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