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Slightly Left of Centre – Melbourne Pop Rock


In a time where peoples ears are being inundated with indie-pop-rock, Melbourne band ‘Slightly Left of Centre’  have, as their name suggests, managed to distinguish their sound from the rest of the pack.

In fact their debut single ‘Glorious Way’, which was released in August of 2010, has been one of the most played songs on my iPod in the last week or so since re-discovering it. I love the layering of the track. You get sucked in by the emotional piano work, then the driving beats kick in to get you running and before you know it your in the middle of a cracking track with a short but sweet guitar solo, waning bass and some thunderous work on the drum kit. The vocals delivered by Christian Murphy are smooth, deep and loud enough that in the glorious commotion of the instruments aren’t overshadowed. Overall the track mixes all its aspects so well I currently can’t get enough of it.

So the big news is that after a year in the making, SLOC are releasing their first album ironically called ‘The Right Direction’. It is due out later this year and given that they have had a year to work on the album and the musical prowess shown in ‘Glorious Way’ I am pretty sure that SLOC will deliver.

Courtney Barnett – Tell It As It Is

Courtney Barnett

Courtney Barnett is both a person and a band, and will be releasing their debut EP ” on April 2nd which is sure to feature some pretty relaxed guitars and very amusing lyrics.

Courtney Barnett has received a bit of airplay on Triple J for her tracks ‘Lance Jr’ and ‘Scotty Says’ and which both feature this really laid back and chilled sound. It really is something different and I have to say I like it.

‘Lance Jr’ is my favourite of the two tracks on her unearthed profile and opens up with the instantly attention grabbing lyric “I masturbated to the songs you wrote”. I said it was attention grabbing! The song then continuous its colourful tell it as it is story, but does so with an amazing mix of low-fi instrumentation. The guitars wane, the drums are steady, and the vocals by Courtney Barnett are so casually sung but yet so enjoyable and effective. It is a really unusual but enjoyable track, so check it out.

Listening to these two songs does have me looking forward to getting my hands on what is definitely going to be an interesting little EP.

The Fabergettes


The Fabergettes are a Sydney four-piece consisting of three girls with three letter names in Kat, Nat and Bec with drummer Marty thrown in for some testosterone.

The band describe their sound as “The Shangri-Las meets Best Coast with a dash of The Runaways thrown in for good measure”, and the is some truth to the statement. The Fabergettes are heavier than the ‘Shangri-Las’, not as rock driven as ‘The Runaways’, or as indie as ‘Best Coast’, but the band definitely show influences from all, and their amalgamation of these sounds works brilliantly.

The Fabergettes combine driving rock beats, sweet Doo-Wop voices and some catchy guitar work to create an upbeat and fun listen. In their track ‘Ding Dong’, which has received some Triple J airplay, the band also incorporates some hand clapping to cleverly kick the song off, before finishing with a climax of drums, synth, guitars and timely lyric “ding dong”. Its a killer track, with the instrumentation, vocals and back-ups mixing beautifully to create a catchy as anything pop song.

Their other track released is ‘I Cry’ and as the title suggests is much more emotional than ‘Ding Dong’. It allows The Fabergettes to show their versatility with the vocals of Nat Martin conveying the emotion of the track brilliantly and instrumentally mixing it up with the use of some reverb guitar. ‘I Cry’ is another awesome listen, and you can download it and ‘Ding Dong’ from their unearthed page.

Lucky for us, the band plans to release their debut EP in March and you can actually attend the launch at Sydney’s Good God Small Club on March 9th. I personally, am looking forward to hearing some new tracks from this up and coming pop ensemble, and I am sure their EP won’t disappoint.

Bleeding Knees Club – New Album Coming Soon


There has been a lot of hype about this punk-garage-indie duo from the Gold Coast, and it is only going to intensify with news they are going to release their first LP on February 27th entitled “Nothing to Do”.

Whilst the album is big news, the band have also announced that they are going to release the title single ‘Nothing to do’ on January 22nd as a sneak peak to the rest of the album. Yet there is still more, with the The Bleeding Knees Club also playing a five date tour in the UK during the week of their debut full length album release. A pretty hectic announcement all things considered.

The band began as all classic young bands do, in a garage. Yet since there humble beginnings the band has released their first EP in October last year entitled ‘Virginity’, was featured on Triple J and cracked the 2012 next crop.

Their debut 5 song, 11 minute EP was what really brought them the attention they deserved with several of scorching tracks in “Bad Guys”, “Have Fun” and “Teenage Girls”. Alex Wall is a rare breed, a drummer that sings, and he does so in that classic raw scrathy punk voice. Lyrically there is no try hard factor that you see with so many young bands, its literally like they sat down and wrote exactly whats on the mind of a 20 year old, beer, women and partying. Add Jordan Malane smashing out on the guitar and together you have a pacey, energetic, catchy-as-hell, punk-indie garage band that is the Bleeding Knees Club – coming to a store near you this Feb!

Modular Records Announce Forthcoming Albums


Modular Records have just announced that they will be releasing several new albums from popular artists on twitter tonight.

Included in the tweet was that synth rockers Van She will be releasing a new full length, Ladyhawke will be releasing her second album ‘Anxiety’, Jonathon Boulet’s follow up album is receiving its final touches before release in early 2012, and that psychedelic rockers Tame Impala will also have a new one out between March and July. This is a pretty good announcement in itself, but there is still more!

Electro favourites The Presets will be releasing their third album in the first quarter of 2012, a long wait considering some fans were lucky enough to hear the band play a new track at Coachella Festival in the USA last April. However this album will be released with much hype after the band described it as being better than their last album. Only time will tell.

The Avalanches are also set to release their second album that has been 7 years in the making and 11 years since their debut album ‘Since I Left You’. Pretty exciting stuff. Reports suggest that the band has already finished recording and we could be expecting the album to drop sooner rather than later and feature the likes of Ariel Pink and Jennifer Herrema (from 90s US rockband Royal Trux).

We can’t wait, and will let you know more details when we know them, until then here is a sneak peak at the upcoming presets album (apparently)