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Cull – World Inside Your Head


Shoegaze is alive and well thanks to the latest revealing by Sydney’s Cull, called ‘World Inside Your Head’.

Soft sounding, majestically layered and fully encapsulating the shoegaze vibe there is very little not to like about ‘World Inside Your Head’. It is a little like a hollow point of sound, with this incredible knack of being melodic and catchy at times, yet has this reverb and dreamy vibe that makes it explode into something much bigger than the sound coming out of the speakers. It is a song that really sticks with you.

Sons of Rico – I’m Not Thinking About You

Sons of Rico (lowres)

WA’s Sons of Rico have gone from strength to strength over the last year, and you cannot help but love their latest single ‘I’m Not Thinking About You’.

The guys have really pulled together a host of different sounds to create an absolute stellar rock track. Channeling more 70s vibes with the  pulsing basslines, groovy guitars and the now synonymous Sons of Rico soaring falstettos. I love the inclusion of the handclaps and those infectious riffs just melt your ears. Its an upbeat tune that really treads the line of classic psychedelic stoner rock and the lead up into 80s pop. Its awesome on first listen, and just grows on you. Its definitely time to don the flared jeans, grab your headband and veg out to the sweet sound of ‘I’m Not Thinking About You’.

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Woollen Kits – Susanna


Based on latest single ‘Susanna‘, Woollen Kits are showing promising signs for their December due release of sophomore album ‘Four Girls‘.

There is so much to love about the raw 60s enthused influences of ‘Susanna’. In many ways its a return to the original foundations of indie rock, with the classic garage sounds, yet light enough to be distinguished from the heavy set rock n roll of  The Who and The Doors. Yet, Woollen Kits seem to add this additional summer surf vibe that takes the track to the next level. Woollen Kits keep it simple, but do the simple things ridiculously well in ‘Susanna’.The rippling guitar pattern throughout this track is insatiable, so catchy and cool, and when combined with the low key harmonies and steady state drumming creates a phenomenal little listen.

With their new album due out shortly, keep an eye and ear out for tour dates, as Woollen Kits are one band you should definitely catch live.


The Beards – The Manliest of all Bands


You may have heard of a concept EP, but imagine a concept band. Well, the Beards are exactly that, a concept band where the concept is, you guessed it, beards.

Now if your wondering how far you can take this concept of beard inspired songs, the answer is extremely far. The Beards have  just released their third studio album, ‘Having a beard is the new not having a beard’, have achieved cult status with nearly 20,000 facebook fans worldwide, and in 2009, the band travelled all the way to Alaska to perform at the opening ceremony of the World Beard & Moustache Championships. All in all this is a pretty impressive feat. The most amazing part is that even with a strange concept, the music is great to listen to.

Their latest single ‘You Should Consider Having Sex with a Bearded Man’, is an amazing track lyrically and instrumentality. It starts off with a catchy tune on the keyboard played by lead vocalist Johann Beardraven, before the guitars kick in with some plucky riffs played by Nathaniel Beard and Facey McStubblington. John Beardman mans the drums and provides some tempo setting beats with some help from the egg shaker. You cannot help but be captivated by the deep manly voice of Nathaniel Beard, who cites such great lyrics as ”Get freaky with a beard tonight”, “Each time you look at that beard you want it more”, and my personal favourite ”pash-rash between the thighs”. Its all out amazing, funny, well performed and a great listen. The video clip is pretty funny to.

If you have a beard, want some inspiration to grow one, or just fancy seeing real men in action, The Beards are touring the east coast at the moment and details of those tours can be found here. You can also download their song ‘You Should Consider Having Sex with a Bearded Man’ from their unearthed page. With an amazing concept that you still can’t believe has been so successful, be sure to check The Beards out.

Dune Rats – Yet Another Cool Indie Rock Band from Brisbane


Lately Brisbane seems to be the hub of the Australian indie rock scene as they have been pumping out cool bands and sick tunes, of which the Dune Rats are yet another.

The Dune Rats released two EPs last year, their debut ‘Sexy Beach’ in February and ‘Social Atoms’ in September, making 2011 a pretty successful year for the twosome.

Their song ‘Pogo’ off ‘Social Atoms’, has been played on Triple J lately, and is an absolute cracker of an indie surf-rock tune, and what really got my attention towards the band. It has the uptempo driving beats, reverb soaked guitars, and some pretty chilled singing on the vocals. The song reminds me of a cross between UK band The Wombats, with the back up woo-hoo refrains, and the retro sound of early Weezer. Its just a super catchy track, that like all good music leaves you bopping along.

Make sure you check out their EPs, in particular ‘Social Atoms’ which showcases a number of sounds. There is a bit of grunge in ‘On Our Own’, the retro rock in ‘Pogo’ and ‘Social Atoms’ before finishing off with ‘F(r)iends which has some cool refrains and backups.

Overall Dune Rats are quite a cool little band, and I am looking forward for the chance to catch them live, and hear their retro sound first hand.

Velociraptor – Pack Hunters, Pack Muscians


If you have seen Jurassic Park (specifically Jurassic Park 2) you would know that Velociraptors hunt in packs in the long grass, and it appears the same applies to some musicians such as 12 piece Brisbane outfit Velociraptor.

Whilst they aren’t hunting, they are making some of the most hard hitting and energetic indie rock tunes this side of the cretaceous period. Citing the Hives as one of their influences, it easy to see the impact they had on this band, particularly in the tracks ‘Sleep with the Fishes’ and ‘In the Springtime’, off their debut self titled EP from 2010.

In 2012, the band have released a new single ‘Cynthia’ and the Hives-esque sound has disappeared and been replaced with some retro 70s style indie rock, duly acknowledged in their videoclip. The reverb soaked guitars are back, along with the tambourines and bouncy baselines, in a fun tune about their summer fling called ‘Cynthia’. The choir of vocals sounds awesome, but its the bass line that gets me totally engrossed. The opening riff makes me feel warm inside and holds my attention for the whole track, whilst the rest of the instruments combine to leave me feeling totally satisfied. Its an amazing track and I really like the new direction the band took.

Given the long time between releases, I am hopeful that this single is the first course with an album to follow. Regardless do your best to try and catch Velociraptor as they tour the country for the release of ‘Cynthia’, and in support of DZ Deathrays – if not for the music, just to see how 12 people can fit and play on stage.


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