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The Jezabels – Look of Love

JezabelsAustralian music stalwarts, The Jezabels, have just dropped their latest anthemic single called ‘Look of Love‘.

The ‘Look of Love’ is another sweeping indie pop tune that only heightens the excitement for The Jezabels impending second album ‘The Brink’ – due out on January 31st. Featuring Hayley Mary’s vocals at there soaring best, ‘Look of Love’ is that atmospheric and emotional version of indie pop that is bound to have fans new and old buzzing. Personally, I can’t wait to catch the guys at Laneway – bring it on.


The Griswolds – Heart of a Lion


Following on from their super catchy tune ‘Mississipi’ is the Griswolds second single ‘Heart of a Lion’.

‘Heart of a Lion’ combines that same energetic indie vibe from ‘Mississippi’, but perhaps with a dash more cheekiness than before. Particularly true given the song is about “the CEO of cheap assholes and petty woes”, a man called Steve Laverne. Unfortunately my quick facebook stalking session failed to uncover whether Steve was real or not, but he has definitely inspired one hell of a song.

You just have to love their fast driving jungle beats, the rolling guitars and the ever clear and cheeky vocals. ‘Heart of a Lion’ also has a really cool break and build up to the final chorus that then finishes with a cracking little drum solo. Listening to this track is like drinking too much red cordial, it leaves you happy, excited and with an unreasonable amount of energy that is difficult to expel.

Check out the awesome new video below, and if you like what you hear the Griswolds are giving away the track for free from their facebook page or bandcamp profile.

Velociraptor – Pack Hunters, Pack Muscians


If you have seen Jurassic Park (specifically Jurassic Park 2) you would know that Velociraptors hunt in packs in the long grass, and it appears the same applies to some musicians such as 12 piece Brisbane outfit Velociraptor.

Whilst they aren’t hunting, they are making some of the most hard hitting and energetic indie rock tunes this side of the cretaceous period. Citing the Hives as one of their influences, it easy to see the impact they had on this band, particularly in the tracks ‘Sleep with the Fishes’ and ‘In the Springtime’, off their debut self titled EP from 2010.

In 2012, the band have released a new single ‘Cynthia’ and the Hives-esque sound has disappeared and been replaced with some retro 70s style indie rock, duly acknowledged in their videoclip. The reverb soaked guitars are back, along with the tambourines and bouncy baselines, in a fun tune about their summer fling called ‘Cynthia’. The choir of vocals sounds awesome, but its the bass line that gets me totally engrossed. The opening riff makes me feel warm inside and holds my attention for the whole track, whilst the rest of the instruments combine to leave me feeling totally satisfied. Its an amazing track and I really like the new direction the band took.

Given the long time between releases, I am hopeful that this single is the first course with an album to follow. Regardless do your best to try and catch Velociraptor as they tour the country for the release of ‘Cynthia’, and in support of DZ Deathrays – if not for the music, just to see how 12 people can fit and play on stage.


Millions – Music Guru’s


Brisbane indie pop vandals Millions are yet to release their debut EP, but given the success and amazing sounds of their two singles ‘Those Girls’ and ‘Guru’, there could be big things to come for this band in 2012.

All four members have been involved in other musical projects, Dominic Haddad (Moonfleet), Campbell Smith (Comic Sans), James Wright (Stature::Statue, Young Men Dead, Gung Ho) and Steve Kempnich (Goldentones), but I think they have really found their place in Millions, if their released tracks (‘Guru’ and ‘Those Girls’) are anything to go by.

‘Guru’ kicks off with amazing beach boys-esque surfy drum roll before jumping into a catchy upbeat indie tune. It has an amazing guitar hook that runs throughout the track and is rewarded with a solo around the 1:45 mark asa prelude to the final chorus. The drumming complements the guitars well, whilst the vocals are outstanding. Lyrically the song is well written, mixing it up, and I like the way there is no real break between the chorus and verses. ‘Guru’ is just an awesome listen.

The opening bass rifts in ‘Those Girls’ make it an instant toe tapper, grabbing your attention and pulling you into the track. It reminds me very much of some of the early Arctic Monkeys songs, but the Aussie tinge in the vocals is clearly distinguishing. The guitars and drums combine well to make quite a pulsating beat throughout the piece, but mix it up with some clever breaks and changes in tempo, best characterised by the break before the awesome buildup to the final chorus. The vocals were well sung, and the back up harmonies really complimented the instrumentation. ‘Those Girls’ is a track you can’t help but strut to.

Both these tracks are off their forthcoming debut EP to be released later this year. Until then you can download them from their unearthed page. I cannot wait for more tracks, these two are being played on repeat on my iPod currently and I want more! Heres to hoping Millions keep delivering the goods, they have so far.

Andrew Drummond – Morning Light Single

Unearthed Pic Drummond

Sydney indie folk artist Andrew Drummond has just released his first single ‘Morning Light’, which is off his soon to be released EP ‘The Grey Pelican’.

‘Morning Light’ combines a steady simmering of acoustic guitar with the beautifully crisp and clear voice of Andrew Drummond, to create a really soft, chilled feel. The track has a slow and steady build-up to each chorus, before Drummond launches into the powerful ‘Morning Light’ refrain which really shows the quality of his voice and forms the centerpiece of the song.

Despite the relaxing acoustic style of the music, the song lyrically is quite melancholy revolving around failed aspirations and broken dreams. However the chorus provides the hope that the the suffering individual in the song wants, with Drummond’s vocals so clear and uplifting in wishing that ‘morning light’ to shine through, support them and change things around.

The track also comes with a pretty cool video clip (below) that really encapsulates the relaxing feel of the song, with Drummond describing it as ‘a  fun, chilled celebration of a Sydney summer’. I find the use of painting the blank canvas particularly effective in illustrating the hope and want for change that occurs in the song, as a bright and colourful piece of art is produced from nothingness. I also liked the touch of the grey pelican in the corner, was that subliminal advertising for the EP?

I loved the vocals on this track and I really enjoyed the listening to it, and my only criticism is that I felt that the song could have built up to the final chorus slightly better. I enjoyed the inclusion of the harmonies and the increased presence of the percussion instruments, and it was 95% there, but just failed to deliver that final killer blow that leaves the listener feeling like they have no other choice but click their iPod onto repeat. Its a pretty minor criticism and I’m sure that come the next set of releases, Drummond will have nailed his endings.

Overall, I really liked Andrew Drummond and I think he has a lot of potential given the enjoyable and chilled listen ‘Morning Light’ has provided. I am also really looking forward to hearing the rest of the EP, and will post a review when I have had a listen. Until then you can enjoy the track, either below or by downloading it for free from Andrew Drummond’s Triple J Unearthed Page.