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The Falls – Let In The Light

falls_photoOne of my favourite Sydney duos, The Falls, are back with an overdue new single called ‘Let In The Light‘.

‘Let In The Light’ shows off Melinda’s fantastic yet sorrowful vocals, and displays a real progression in sound from the classic folk of their ‘Hollywood EP’ into something a bit more substantial with foreceful drums and a dainty string arrangement. I have seen Simon and Melinda perform on countless of occasions and there is definitely something special in the connection they share on stage. ‘Home’ was a personal favourite and I am super excited to hear that the two are out producing new music, announcing that their debut album ‘Omaha’ will be out on October 2nd. 


Potato Potato – Sit and Talk


We weren’t at Falls Festival, but by all accounts Potato Potato are one band to keep a close eye on, with their song ‘Sit and Talk‘ being something out of the top drawer.

Potato Potato hail from the North Coast of NSW and are fronted by a whimsically beautiful set of lungs belonging to Merryn Boller. ‘Sit and Talk’ walks you through this gorgeous cloud of dreamy roots pop, combining Boller’s enchanting vocals with delicately delivered acoustic guitar and keys sounds. Citing Bon Iver as an influence, it is easy to see some resemblance to the deepness and emotion of that is synonymous with their last couple of albums.  If their isn’t enough to love about ‘Sit and Talk’ on sound alone, the deepness of their songwriting is just another marvel. The way that Potato Potato  deliver not just calm endearing sounds but tell you a story in such detail is a real talent, and only highlights the potential these guys have.

Please do check them out on their Unearthed Page, you will not regret it.

Allo Darlin’ – Europe

Allo Darlign

Yesterday I stumbled across indie pop band Allo Darlin’ who have produced the perfect soundtrack to a lazy summers day called ‘Europe‘.

So technically Allo Darlin’ are an international band, based in UK, largely English members, blah blah blah. However their lead singer, Elizabeth Morris, is undoubtedly Australian, and it is impossible not to love the husky Australian twang that emanates in her vocals throughout ‘Europe’. That and the fact that the song is written about Australia means regardless of technicalities, this is an Aussie tune. ‘Europe’ reminds me so much of The Waifs classic ‘London Still’, in that it has the same relaxed nature, raw acoustic set up, husky vocals and somewhat even more strangely is written about Australia when you are on the  other side of the world. It is a must for all those holiday travelers and a great tune to glide out of the stereo as you make the long journey down the South Coast for a break. Tender, calm and relaxing, its really hard not to love this mellow gem.


Chet Faker – Archangel


Chet Faker has had a 2012 that most artists can only dream of, releasing an EP, touring Europe with Temper Trap, playing Meredith Music Festival and gaining a swagger of fans in the process. Now he has released a new video for single ‘Archangel‘ and announced a live sessions EP.

‘Archangel’ is a actually a cover or interpretation of a track originally done by UK electronic producer Burial (check out original here), and if you have listened to the original Chet Faker’s cover is pretty different. Naturally, it is a lot more relaxed and reminds me a little as though James Blake’s keyboard was replaced with a piano and he had learnt to sing properly. Chet Faker’s version is fantastic, chilled and leaves you wanting more.

Luckily, with a live sessions EP on the way, and a new full length album also in production, fans won’t have to wait long as 2013 is shaping up to be another crazy good year for Chet Faker

The Stationary Stationary – Sweetest of Vocals

Stationary Stationary

Central Coast indie pop threesome the Stationary Stationary once topped the Triple J unearthed indie charts with a great little track called ‘Slipping‘.

The thing that I love about this song is the sweetness of the vocals. They are so soft and tender and traverse the lyrics of love and loss so beautifully. The keys, drums and guitars are at a perfect level to allow the vocals to really shine through. Its definitely a song I would not listen to if my relationship was a bit rocky or just ended, but to the average afternoon listener its a nice little track to relax to. The other The Stationary Stationary tracks are pretty calm and enjoyable too. ‘The Blue Pen Blue’ is a pretty well written song lyrically and pays a bit of homage to the band name, which in itself is a reference to an Anberlin track (or its just a major coincidence). It also makes use of some great harmonies, all to the simple backing of an acoustic guitar. All in all its pretty blissful.



Gypsy’s Gift – Flowing


Coming from Sydney is the roots duo Gypsy’s Gift who’s track ‘Flowing‘ simply blew me away.

Gemma Ameera has one of those voices that within one second of it hitting your eardrums is permanently stuck on repeat in your head. It is strong, clear, and just such a powerful instrument. One of those voices that you just know could maintain a packed out audience, without even needing to play an instrument. The fact that this amazing voice is backed by some delicate and homely guitar work by Jimi May just takes this song to higher places. ‘Flowing’ is such a strong and moving song, a phenomenal listen.

Gypsy’s Gift are well and truly a gift to the music world. Watch this space Australia.

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