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Harts – Lovers in Bloom


Tarantism is defined as the uncontrollable urge to dance. Harts is the cause of my Tarantism, because ‘Lovers in Bloom’ is freaking catchy.

Harts is a one man show, who we have always loved, and ‘Lovers in Bloom’ is another example of the incredible talent this guy has. If you love indie disco, and are a sucker for instrumental dance music, then you will love this track. There is so much funk, some very classy guitar riffs, and you cannot help but cut a groove. Now I just have to learn how to dance in a socially acceptable manner.

Passerine – Free Again

PasserinePasserine has dropped the funkiest, dance/disco track of 2014 so far and its called ‘Free Again’.

If you want to feel weak at the knees, then press the play button on the soundcloud clip below. ‘Free Again’ is like a more exciting version of a Daft Punk single, with Passerine’s vocals exploding into a 70s fuzz fest of suave. I love the dance vibe, the homage to sounds of the past, and the silky production on this number. Simply, this song is cool. That is all.

Zephyr – You Need The Bass


Zephyr is the solo project of Melbourne up and coming DJ Nicholas Bond, with ‘You Need The Bass’ quickly becoming one of my favourite tracks of the new year.

Bond has managed to take a regular house music and bring it to the next slightly more calypso level. ‘You Need The Bass’ is an awesome arrangement of Caribbean pop come house music, that just makes you go from relaxing to swaying to dancing within the first listen. A little reminiscent of Fat Boy Slim, its just the track to get you going before summer is out.

Back Back Forward Punch – Emergency Bow Tie


Melbourne Disco electro duo Back Back Forward Punch have unleashed a funky new single called ‘Emergency Bow Tie’.

With some real nods towards towards the likes of LCD Soundsystem and Chromeo, ‘Emergency Bow Tie’ is one of those songs that is best described as “cool”. Scratch that, “Super cool”. Its upbeat, catchy, chilled, has intentional glitches, super smooth sections and leaves you going ‘Fuck Yes, lets play that again’. These guys have nailed the production to create the sleekest of indie electro tracks. It’s a definite party starter, and the perfect way to bring in summer. Get on this one guys.


Late Shift Drama – Poolside Summer Mix


Sydney duo Late Shift Drama has just released their latest mixtape, showcasing a collection Deep House to soundtrack your summer.

Featuring the likes of Duke Dumont, Maya Jane Coles, and Audiojack prepare for a statement of today’s most in-demand genre. For this summer and beyond, Deep House is here to stay.

So whether it’s by the pool, a backing track to your pres or even making your commute that bit cooler, the boys at LSD have got you covered.


Cosmos Midnight – The Dofflin

Cosmos Midnight

I had heard ‘The Dofflin’ several times, and never managed to work out who was responsible. Finally I worked out it was Cosmos Midnight.

Now here is a duo that is showing some real promise. Two twins armed with a host of indie swag have unleashed a form of electronica thick with synth, doused with hip hop beats and production that can only be described as pure class. The tune just sucks you into this craze that leaves you unable to decide whether to break into dance or just chillax and role with the beats. It is the goods, and these guys are going to wow crowds and pick up swags of fans at Listen Out. Don’t miss their set!

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