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Noire – Baby Blue

ImageProxyNoire are a nostalgic shoe gaze band from Sydney who have really grabbed our attention with ‘Baby Blue‘.

‘Baby Blue’ really captured me because it made me do a double take. At first listen, you cannot help but be in awe of the way the vocals of Jessica Mincher shine through this track. However, it isn’t until the second listen that you notice the intricacies of the backing instrumentation. This isn’t just another one of those minimalist backings with a strong female vocalist. No, this synth that rolls and glides, with guitars that just bounce delicately with every poignant lyric. Its the whole package. With a debut EP of the same name on the way in September, expect to see more from Noire.

Oliver Tank – Different Speed (Feat. Ta-ku)

Oliver TankOliver Tank has combined with Ta-ku to create the irresistable slow moving indie electro track ‘Different Speed’.

Having caught Oliver Tank at Falls Festival Lorne over the New Year, I re-discovered why he was such a special talent, with his one man show simply awesome. ‘Different Speed’ is his latest single, and set to be included on his next EP due out early next year. It combines slick production with a plethora of low fi clicks and jangles to just hit the spot perfectly. Its one of those tracks that just sticks in your head, and thank god for that.

The Ocean Party – Quarter Life Crisis

Ocean Party


The indie pop sounds of The Ocean Party have been a little bit of an obsession for me lately, and ‘Quarter Life Crisis‘ is a great example why.

‘Quarter Life Crisis’ is the perfect amalgamation of two of my most loved genres of music, indie pop and slacker rock. It has the punchy and jangly guitars that give the music that upbeat happy vibe, but mixes it perfectly with the sardonic vocals and low-fi drum beats to give it a unique feel that hasn’t really been captured in Australian music so far. Its the grey area between The Jungle Giants and Dirt Farmer or Dick Diver, and as I sit here on a rainy day writing this, I feel like it is the perfect soundtrack for now.



MTNS – Lost Track Of Time


I cannot get enough of MTNS at the moment, and ‘Lost Track Of Time’ is a prime example of why.

There is something about this trio that really floats my boat, but I couldn’t tell you exactly what it is. It could be the blissfully sweet vocals, or maybe the inch perfect production on this dream pop number, it may even be the infectious slow beat that just ebbs and flows so elegantly. I’m going to go with the fact it is a combo, because this song gets me going in a very low-fi, non-sexual, ‘I feel happy’ way. Watch out for more from MTNS, these guys have the talent to make it big.


Jeremy Neale – In Stranger Times


Jeremy Neale hails from a garage in Brisbane, and has just released the low-fi reverb driven pop gold number ‘In Stranger Times‘ featuring Go Violets.

Jeremy Neale is perhaps better known of late for fronting the viscous 12 piece fuzz rock outfit, Velociraptor, and you can definitely hear some similar vibes running into ‘In Stranger Times’. Obviously, the fact that the vocals sound identical is assured, but it is clear Jeremy Neale has a love for fuzzy, reverb tinged garage sounds. It is also apparent that Neale is a pretty relaxed guy, and the chilled nature of ‘In Stranger Times’ with its more than a hint of slacker-rock vibes doing good things for both my ears and my mind. Yeah, and the term garage rock royalty and Neale is also been thrown around a fair bit. I get the feeling it’s a pretty appropriate adjective, ‘In Stranger Times’ is the goods.

Rainy Day Women – Aimee

Rainy Day Women

Despite what their name may suggest, Perth band Rainy Day Women are an all male 4-piece who have earned a bit of kudos with their latest track ‘Aimee‘.

‘Aimee’ is one of the tracks that is a real slow burner. It has a solid baseline, a haunting pattern on the lead guitar and the vocals by Dylan Ollivierre are soft and clear. The lyrics are poignant, but not cryptic with the repeated refrain “Aimee, I want your love” giving away the theme of a song that delves deep into the psyche of a man desperate for love. It is one of those tracks that just melts your ears away with every listen, slow, delicate and charming. Pretty chilled stuff.

Keep your eyes and ears pinned for a new EP from Rainy Day Women as they are currently in the studio.


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