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Rolls Bayce – Lost

Rolls BayceRolls Bayce have continued their run of irresistibly fantastic pop singles with ‘Lost’.

Bounded by gritty bass, hypnotic guitars and jagged synth there is a real sense of psychedelic vibes attached to this latest offering by the Brisbane boys. In fact its kind of what I imagine Tame Impala would sound like if Kevin Parker was a little less stoned. Yet, those punchy soaring vocals of Dean McGrath keep that pop sensibility to ‘Lost’. I still can’t help shed a tear for the now defunct Hungry Kids of Hungary every time I hear him open his mouth. Regardless, ‘Lost’ is another cracking tune, and with a debut album in the works, get excited for more Rolls Bayce.

Berlin Blue – Used to Know

Berlin BlueUsed to Know’ is the new indie pop number from Sydney band Berlin Blue.

Armed with fast paced beats, shredding electric riffs and soaring vocal hooks, its clear from the first listen that there is going to be a lot to love from this threesome. Taken from their newly released self-titled debut EP, the boys have shown they have a penchant for creating energetic sing-a-longs – the type where you feel like you know the words before you have even heard the song once. Its fun, damn catchy and has left me keen for more.


Nova and The Experience – Whole Body

NOva and The ExperienceSeveral weeks back Nova and The Experience dropped their latest track ‘Whole Body’ and the reception it received was incredible.

Having been big fans of Nova and The Experience for a couple of years (Dragonflies and Waterfalls hooked us), you can imagine our excitement and shock (but mainly excitement) when we saw that ‘Whole Body’ debuted at number 9 on the ARIA singles chart. Whilst ‘Whole Body’ has definitely seen the band have the ‘big pop makeover’ to make their music more accessible, the boy/girl vocal interplay that underpins their sound is still phenomenal. With a big tour in the USA coming up soon, expect these guys to keep going from strength to strength.

Sons of Rico – What Am I Doing Here

Sons of RicoSons of Rico are back with falsettos for days in their latest track ‘What Am I Doing Here‘.

I’m a sucker for indie pop and the boys from the West have given my ears another great offering in the lead up to release number 4. ‘What Am I Doing Here’ is catchy, energetic and has so many opportunities to let out a squeeky high pitched ooooh-oh, you’re bound to give yourselves a sore throat. The guitar work is as bouncy and jangly as ever, working with the pacey vocals to create a listen that is absolutely top notch. Sons of Rico really delivered the goods on this one, so lets hope for a new album soon!

Slow Turismo – I Sit Down As Soon as I Get Up

Slow Turismo

Slow Turismo are a Canberra 4-piece whose latest offering ‘I Sit Down As Soon as I Get Up‘ has really made us take note.

Filed quite clearly under the ‘indie pop’ tag, the foursome have an undue level of quirkiness  in this latest track that makes their sound simply insatiable. I can’t work out if its the bouncing guitar riffs, the deep commanding vocals or whether there its because are so many chances to let out a big ‘woooooah, ooooh’ as part of the sing-a-long. Nonetheless, ‘I Sit Down As Soon as I Get Up’ has left me on an aural high and converted me to the belief that Slow Turismo are a band on the rise.

Meg Mac – Never Be

Meg MacMeg Mac really announced herself in 2014, with her debut ‘Meg Mac EP’ being one of our favourite’s and earning her plenty of acclaim both here and overseas. Meg Mac has two giant factors that make her appeal to my eardrums. Firstly, she has a voice you can fall in love with – it’s strong, husky and has a crispness to it that really makes your ears perk. But the real clincher is the way her songs have such an atmospheric vibe to them. It’s the type that is so grand it gets you all caught up and builds that instant connection. ‘Never Be’ has both these factors and not surprisingly sees itself racking up the plays on my iPod quite quickly. I’m just praying that a new EP or album isn’t far off.

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