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Carrie Phillis and The Downtown Three – Spend It With You

Carrie Phillus DT3

Coming out of the NSW Illawarra region is the promising retro sounds of Carrie Phillis and The Downtown Three, who have a gem of a track called ‘Spend It With You‘.

‘Spend It With You’ is an epic track draped in reverb and plucky basslines. The cute message underlying this song is just a bonus that turns ‘Spend It With You’ from a tune with sweet beatles-esque vibes into a feel good track that you want to listen to over and over again. Having had under a thousand hits on youtube, and only a couple of spins on the Js, I can’t help but feel this is a band that have somewhat been missed, despite their clear potential. The return of that 60s reverb dominated sound has been prolific in Australian indie rock, but Carrie Phillis and The Downtown Three manage to do it much better than the rest. Be sure to check out their debut EP which is more than a nice little debut.


Jagwa Ma – The Throw

Jagwa Ma

Having been huge fans of 2011 release ‘Come and Save Me’, Jagwa Ma’s latest tune ‘The Throw‘ is not only overdue but also overly awesome.

‘The Throw ‘ kicks off with a quiet little before building progressively into a fantastic concoction of psychedelic waning guitars, breezy vocals and suppressed tribal beats. In many ways ‘The Throw’ is like a slightly more electro Tame Impala, with the two bands definitely sharing the same chilled vibes and psychedelic traits. I particularly love the way that mid-way through, the intensity and backing rhythm undergoes a complete morph from breezy jungle beats to more electro bass heavy synthesised rhythms. It is just one of those songs, that grabs you instantly, but by the time you’re finished listening to it its hard to pinpoint every aspect of the track you have just heard. An absolutely rad track that has us very excited for their next big release!


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The Daylight Braves – Summer At Last

daylight braves

Although perhaps the wrong time of year to have discovered this summer themed gem, now defunct Adelaide rockers The Daylight Baves have put together something really special in ‘Summer At Last’.

Psychedelic rock is really making a resurgence in the Australian music scene, and ‘Summer At Last’ really justifies this rediscovered popularity. Loaded with rich swirling guitars and driving rhythms, the hazy vocals of Dan Beacom really help add to the tracks laid back vibe. ‘Summer At Last’ just delivers its message little more punch and with a bit more swagger than many of the other bands out there, perhaps channeling the recent successes of fellow purveyors of psychedelica Deep Sea Arcade. Point is, ‘Summer At Last’ is a freaking awesome tune.

They may have just disbanded, but be sure to check out the new two man band ‘Kids With Teeth’ put together from the remnants of The Daylight Braves.

The Walking Who – Soon To Be Known

walking who

The Walking Who are a three piece psychedelic rock group from Wollongong who released their self produced album ‘Candy Flu’ full off solid tunes with a distinct 60s rock vibe.

Their lead single and albums namesake  ‘Candy Flu’ received a bit of hype after combining some pulsating drumming, hazy vocals and reverb soaked guitar to create a really chilled track with a dandy warhols-eque vibe.

10,15 shows off more of their hazy psychedelic sound, but comes together a lot tighter than previous tracks. With the notable inclusion of some waning synth at the start, the track is dominated by some stomping beats and raging bass. The vocals are once again smooth, relaxed, and somewhat mysterious, but they suit the tone of the instruments perfectly. It is a track that subtly grips you and without you even noticing leaves you totally relaxed and fully engrossed in the music. 10,15 is the ultimate chill out track and great listen to help relieve the stresses of the day.

Be sure to check out their album ‘Candy Flu’, which you can stream and download in full here. The album also contains the track ‘Lepathon’ which is an slick track coated in thick bass, penetrating guitar riffs and thundering beats. It is my favourite of the tracks and an absolutely captivating listen.

The Walking Who have also announced a host of shows in the Sydney area in the coming month, including gigs at The Annandale (June 22nd), The Great Northern in Newcastle (June 23rd) and finishing off at the Beach Road Hotel Bondi (June 30th), so be sure to check them out.



When I think of girl bands, I think of the young girls, happy songs, and good morals such as Atomic Kitten, Girls Aloud, and that band of Australian Idol rejects the Young Divas. However Stonefield are not your average girl band, in short terms they actually rock.

Previously known as Iotah, they had to change their name due to the similarity to iOTA, a guy who doesn’t even crack the one-hit-wonder kind of fame, and has since acknowledged that, now tending to perform on stage where to his credit he has won some awards.

Despite their name change the band consisting of four sisters, Amy, Hannah, Sarah and Holly Findlay have already had much success, winning Triple J’s unearthed High in 2010, releasing their first successful EP “Black Water Rising” with Warner Music (They released some self-published stuff in 2008 that you can check on their myspace page), and being hand picked to play at last years Glastonbury Festival in the UK.

Stonefield in their own words combine “Screeching vocals, electrifying riffs, keys and driving beats”, and to be fair that is pretty smack on. They are in essence a psychedelic rock band with some retro shoutouts to the 70s including an awesome cover of ‘Steppenwolf’s ‘Magic Carpet Ride’.  They are loud, wear headbands, have long hair (even if they are girls) and rock out on stage like it was their last show ever – every time.

Their song “Through the Clover” epitomises their form of heavy rock, mentioned above and you can check the youtube clip below for the aesthetic headbands etc. Their aforementioned EP ‘Black Water Rising’ was more of the same thudding beats, shrieking guitars and screaming vocals, and with rumours circulating that 2012 will herald their first feature length LP there is much to be excited for in the coming year.

Underlights – Resurgence of 60s Psychedelic Rock


If your Dad is really against modern indie music, let him listen to Sydney four-piece underlights whose kalidescope of sounds is a reincarnation of 60s psychedelic rock.

Currently working on their first EP, the band comprises Jack Friels and Darius Navidzadeh on guitar/vocals, Tom O’Dell rocking the drums, and Johnny Took on bass. Despite claiming that they have “developed our own blend of rock, blues and psych”, there is no denying that debut single “Now That You’re In Love” has shades of the 60s in it. Nonetheless, the boys have given us a pretty good debut track, with a classic psychedelic sound and smart, simple lyrics that describe the changes inflicted by love on a mysterious girl.

My only major criticism of Underlights is that they haven’t released many songs. Yet with their impending EP, and having all ready been featured on Triple J unearthed it is likely there are many more songs to come from these guys.