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Dune Rats – Funny Guy

Dune Rats

Dune Rats have launched another fast paced single ahead of their forthcoming album, called ‘Funny Guy’.

Filled with that classic Dune Rats sound, ‘Funny Guy’ is lightening quick, punky and hits you like a punch to the face (in a good way). With a host of tours coming up inlcuding a May UK/Europe tour and June/Dune Australian tour chances are there will be no excuses to miss these guys and their explosive live show. Get on it.

Wax Witches – Social Introvert


Wax Witches have just dropped their latest punky gem ‘Social Introvert’.

Alex Wall of Bleeding Knees Club has a solo project called Wax Witches, that has an array of stuff out and is pretty cool. However, this latest number ‘Social Introvert’ is a real step up. I loved the more melodic riffs, and the way that ‘Social Introvert’ manages to provide more structure and a punchier sound than previous numbers. Yet, it also hasn’t strayed from the fast paced, angsty punk rock that made Wax Witches so appealing in the first place. With an album out in July, prepare yourself for more Wax Witches.

The Worriers – Cruel to Be Kind

WorriersThe Worriers first got our attention with the timeless indie punk tune ‘Little Lucy’, and I think ‘Cruel to be Kind’ is the near-perfect follow up.

Reminding me a little of fellow acts Gyroscope, Dune Rats and to a lesser degree Ball Park Music, The Worriers blur the lines of indie pop and punk, with their fantastic and easily accessible tunes. Racy, with the ideal level of angst, and ridiculously catchy vocal and guitar hooks, there is a lot to like about ‘Cruel to Be Kind’, and build the anticipation for their debut EP due out later this year.

Tempura Nights – Cocky

Tempura Nights

Alice Rezende (Go Violets) and Jacob Knauth (Major Leagues & Jeremy Neale’s band) have joined musical forces to create an exciting new brainchild called Tempura Nights.

Cocky‘ is the first taste of their conception, and delivers the goods in an almighty short and sweet way, the way punk rock should be. The female vocals are such a highlight on this punk number, and remind me a little of a darker version of ‘The Go Team’ and perhaps what The Bleeding Knees would sound like if Alex Wall had a more feminine voice. The first single gets the tick from us, bring on more music!


The Worriers – Little Lucy


With its’ heavy guitars and an upbeat tempo ‘Little Lucy’ is a big explosion of skate punk and indie rock.

This toe tapping, head banging pop track is the first release from Brisbane’s The Worriers, and has been getting good press from Triple J. Currently sitting in the top 10 of the unearthed pop charts.

With so many new indie artists using synths and channeling the dance music wave, it’s refreshing to see an indie band break onto the scene with a heavier type of pop song.

The high and rising vocals in the verses are similar to that of Darwin Deez’s Radar Detector, but the chorus is a little more Franz Ferdinand.

Not bad for a debut track, not bad at all.


Chicks Who Love Guns – Pencil Neck


‘Pencil Neck’ is the new single from Sydney base outfit Chicks Who Love Guns.

The five piece who cite Simpsons hero ‘Bleeding Gums Murphy’ as one of their main interests have delivered the goods on their latest single. Drenched in grungy reverb, ‘Pencil Neck’ is a mid tempo tune that builds into a chorus dominated by the screechy vocals of Cass Navarro. Much in the same vein as Violent Soho and to a lesser degree Bleeding Knees Club, Chicks Who Love Guns are adding some more quality to the arsenal of Australia’s quality punk rock outfits. ‘Pencil Neck’ is a really good mix of brooding rock and punk influences that is sure to get plenty of people turning heads.

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