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#1 Dads – So Soldier (Feat. Ainslie Wills)

Number 1 dads

Tom Lansek of Big Scary is churning out the good tunes with his solo project #1 Dads, ahead of dropping a highly anticipated album later this week. ‘So Soldier’ is one of the singles off the album that has been released, and true to his nature it an eclectic mix of indie pop. However, ‘So Soldier’ also has a real retro vibe to it, being reminiscent to a Fleetwood Mac number. Being a huge fan of fellow Melbournite, Ainslie Wills, it is a delight to hear her dreamy soft vocals combining with the languished musical arrangements of Tom Lansek. The album is called ‘About Face’ and drops August 8.

Set Sail – Globetrotters and Music Players

Set Sail have had a pretty amazing journey in the world of music this far, being arrested for a guerilla gig in Madrid, getting a music placement with clothing giants Abercrombie and Fitch, and managing to accumulate 20,000 facebook friends in the process but have yet to gain much airplay in Australia.

This indie pop band from Sydney have really pioneered a new way for indie artists to be uncovered, and are producing some pretty sweet tunes to back it up. Currently in the process of recording  a full length debut, the boys have already produced some kicking tunes on the debut self-title EP from 2010, and their 2011 release ‘The Riley Moore EP’, to have me excited for their full length release.

‘The Riley Moore EP’ is a really great listen, and I especially like the tracks ‘Home’ and ‘The Boat Song’. ‘Home’ is pretty unique in that it is one of the few rock tracks I can recall that  has violin playing the intro and Set Sail nail it, it’s pretty awesome. The drums kick in to keep the song pacing along, with the vocals crisp and husky vocals being more than easy on the ear. The climax to the song is great, the vocals are waning, the drums are pumping, along with the help of what sounds like a cow bell. Then just as the track reaches its peak, the violin returns and gives us a sweet end to a really great song.

‘The Boat Song’ has a much more pronounced use of guitars and back-up oooh-oohs vocals. It also has a great step-laddering tune which sounds like a xylophone in each chorus which really adds something different. The drums are upbeat as always in what is a short, fast, fun track that you can happily bop along to.

The other two tracks on the EP ‘Whales’ and ‘The Warm up’ are also pretty cool, mixing some different drum patterns and guitar riffs with the violin to maintain that high tempo indie pop feel.  Another cool thing about Set Sail is that you can actually download ‘The Riley Moore EP’ for $1, a very generous pricetag. I consider it one of the best dollars I ever spent.

Overall Set Sail have made a clear statement in the music world; firstly dropping out of uni can work wonders and secondly if you work hard and get heard, success will come. The guys are also playing Bondi’s 34 Degrees South on the 25th March, so try and check them out, they won’t disappoint.