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Frighteners – Scary Good


Hailing from WA, indie rock five-piece the Frighteners have just released their self-title debut EP full of catchy melodies, driving beats and with a sprinkling of electro.

The Frighteners have utilised a variety of guitar sounds on their 5 track EP and combined some well written and sung lyrics by Ryan Adair to really differentitate themselves from the rest of the indie/alternative rock bands.

Their first single ‘Home’ which uses some clever breaks, followed by shifts in tempo, is my favourite track of the EP. It is the most upbeat track, and probably best represents the bands sound, really showing off the driving beats, catchy guitar loops and clever lyrics I mentioned before. Adairs vocals on this track are really well sung, but is the high pitched guitar loop in the chorus that makes me love this song so much.

The great thing about ‘The Frightener’s EP’ is that there are no really weak tracks, each song is good listen. ’3.44Am’ is similar to ‘Home’ soundwise, but has a slower tempo and slightly more pronounced bass presence in parts. The band shows their more emotional and fragile side in the track ‘Lenore’ which is characterised by some slow, creepy keyboard melodies, before the drums and guitars kick in for the chorus, whilst ‘Fade’ makes use of some non-conventional drum beats to create a unique feel to the track.

They have also received some positive reviews for their live shows, so I hope they announce a Eastern States tour off the back of this EP so I can see for myself.

For a debut EP, The Frighteners have had really solid start to their recording and I look forward to seeing how their sound develops overtime. Until then I’m going to wear their EP out doing rotations in my car CD player.