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Bliss n Eso – House of Dreams


One of Australia’s most exciting hip hop acts, Bliss n Eso have just dropped their newest tune called ‘House of Dreams’.

‘House of Dreams’ is an awesome return to the airwaves for the threesome. Opening with a pretty dope mix of heavy and blissfully light strings, ‘House of Dreams’ has a real deep and intense feel about it. The boys whip into their rap with  a freaking incredible use of language to maintain the smoothest of flows around, but without deviating from their heavy emotional vibes. The chorus then provides a slight alternative, with a sweet harmony that begs to “set them free”, showing that ‘House of Dreams’ is really a contrast of reality and dreams. Add some token scratch solos from DJ Izm, a progressive drum beat and those heavy strings that just eat away at you so nicely and its safe to say that Bliss n Eso are back with the goods.

Announcing that they are working on a new album, expect to hear more from Bliss n Eso before 2013 is out.

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