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Gig Review – Pear Shape at Can’t Say

pear shape 2

Friday night! A time to party, a time to have a boogie. I found myself at the eccentric club Can’t Say in the beautiful city of Melbourne. I was totally pumped to check out the poppy lads of Pear Shape, hailing from sunny Sydney.

The Pear Shape boys hit the stage at about 10:30pm, and right from the get go they were pumping and working the stage effectively. All four lads had an awesome stage presence and Tom’s vocals were not to be faulted, as he worked really well with the crowd, being extremely interactive. Everyone responded well to that by having a bit of a dance. And it’s no surprise either, with Pear Shape’s two hits A.E.I.O.U. and The Coca Cola Kid really giving off a sweet vibe and a fresh dance beat.

Pear Shape were playing on a pretty nifty little stage, with some sweet neon lights as their backdrop. Among the standout tunes were A.E.I.O.U. a song that I’ve heard frequently on Triple J, and with good reason! The sweet beat to this tune is happy and makes you feel pretty bop-y and willing to groove to the sound. Tom’s vocals were rockin’ that night and Jack, Josh and Tim did swell with their feel-good harmonies kicking in every now and then. Staring Competition is probably one of their slower tunes, but proved to be an awesome breakup and contrast between their songs. The lads also played a new song, which was pretty superb, a great fast-paced song to get us all excited on their future as a band.

Pear Shape recently finished their EP tour and will hopefully be kickin’ off a new national tour soon! Their toe-tapping tunes were a joy to watch, and they really deserve big things for the future.

As a side note, check out their new music video for The Coca Cola Kid

Pear Shape – A.E.I.O.U.


Sydney four-piece Pear Shape are following up their success with carbonated pop number ‘The Coca Cola Kid‘, with their new vowel themed song ‘A.E.I.O.U.’.

Full of catchy grooves and killer jangly guitar tones, ‘A.E.I.O.U.’ is more of the same uptempo fun music that Pear Shape are fast becoming renowned for. The chorus has a fantastic build, with harmonies to die for,  and that one electrifying pattern that hooks me in with every listen. Its another track of indie pop goodness, from a band that is rapidly staking its claim in the Aussie music scene with their playful and energetic live sets. Plus they give out free pears at their gigs – cool and thoughtful. Its also good to see that somebody else other than Kim Kardashian is praising the return of the Pear Shape.

If you have enjoyed both of Pear Shape’s releases, there is more, so be sure to check out the bands self-titled EP on Bandcamp.