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Rainy Day Women – Aimee

Rainy Day Women

Despite what their name may suggest, Perth band Rainy Day Women are an all male 4-piece who have earned a bit of kudos with their latest track ‘Aimee‘.

‘Aimee’ is one of the tracks that is a real slow burner. It has a solid baseline, a haunting pattern on the lead guitar and the vocals by Dylan Ollivierre are soft and clear. The lyrics are poignant, but not cryptic with the repeated refrain “Aimee, I want your love” giving away the theme of a song that delves deep into the psyche of a man desperate for love. It is one of those tracks that just melts your ears away with every listen, slow, delicate and charming. Pretty chilled stuff.

Keep your eyes and ears pinned for a new EP from Rainy Day Women as they are currently in the studio.