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Airling – The Runner

AirlingThe term indie pop masterpiece is thrown around pretty liberally these days, but the term is more than appropriate for Airling’s second single of the year, entitled ‘The Runner’,

I am in love with Airling’s distorted, ethereal pop. There is something about her vocals that just caresses my ears and soothes the soul like nothing else. Musically, it sounds like Airling recorded using some sort of electric waterbed which is out of equilibrium. Her music just flows and squirms through this melodic and addictive form of synth pop. ‘The Runner’ is another great tune from Airling.

Airling – Ouroboros

AirlingComing off BIg Scary’s record label is Airling, who has just dropped her debut solo single ‘Ouroboros’  (pronounced. “o-rob-o-ros”).

Keeping it in the Big Scary family, the track is produced by the male part of the duo Tom Lansek, and captures different angle of chill to that which Big Scary have become known for. The vocals are so smooth, and ‘Ouroboros’ just bounds so delicately through your ears. Its brooding emotional indie at its best.