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Kingswood Country


According to the band, Kingswood is ‘ a mythical place, a forest utopia where free thought and pure music flow amongst the trees’. Although one listen to these heavy rockers and that peaceful serene imagery is shattered by raging drums, electrifying rifts and stomping vocals.

Their latest single “Yeah, Go Die”, is the injection of classic rock that the Aussie music scene has been missing. After each listen I develop whiplash and cannot help banging my head to this blasting tune that sounds like possums got into the roof, took steroids and are started obliterating the house from the inside. All whilst singing about why they decided to destroy the house in the first place. In short – its phenomenal!

Hailing from St Kilda in Melbourne, the four-piece includes Jeremey Hunter (Bass), Justin Debrincat (Drums), Alex Laska (Guitar) and Fergus Linacre (Vocals). Recently the band has recieved comparisons to other Aussie rockers Jet, and I have to say they do sound similar, which given the success of Jet is not a bad thing. I’m looking forward to hearing more from these boys in 2012.