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The Presets – Ghosts


The Presets new album ‘Pacifica‘ is due out September 7th, and the duo have let go another single in ‘Ghosts‘ to further build the hype towards their release date.

‘Youth in Trouble’ was average and suggested that The Presets were selfish lovers. It was 6 minutes slowly and repeatedly building up to this massive so-called climax , ready to drop , but never did. I was left unsatisfied. However, ‘Ghosts’ offers a slight redemption for the duo. For a start its shorter, sweeter, and doesn’t build, instead paying homage to the more indie side of their music. The vocal hooks in the chorus are phenomenal, and with lighter beats than previous, has this more relaxing vibe to it. It certainty hit the spot for me.

Two very different singles later, ‘Pacifica’ is shaping to be intersting album, I can’t wait to catch them at Parklife and hear the new album when it drops.

The Presets – Youth In Trouble


There were two massive releases that the music world was waiting for this week. One was downright awful, the other rocked. Lucky for us the one that rocked was The Presets new tune ‘Youth in Trouble‘, shame the same can’t be said about Muse.

‘Youth in Trouble’ is another Presets electro-dance tune but in a twist is a bit more low-key and vocals based.It runs along in this mid tempo, building and building, but never actually takes off. Not to say I didn’t enjoy it, it was cool, but after such a long wait I kind of expected more. Having said that the way the track is constructed makes it a prime target and nigh on guaranteed to be remixed, mashed up and recreated better multiple times. The video is comes with is pretty cool though, its almost as though somebody taped a magnet to the camera whilst filming and caused it to go all trippy – mad video clip.

In a side note, the term ‘Youth’ “is so hot right now” regardless of what level of popularity you are in, Metric (Youth Without Youth), Parachute Youth, Gang of Youths. Its a bit like the bear craze of 2010, think Boy and Bear; Grizzly Bear, Bear Hug, plus the other 58 bands on unearthed currently with ‘bear’ in their title. I wonder what the next name craze will be…Sidenote End.

‘Youth in Trouble’ its the first taste of the Presets in quite a while, but expect a lot more to come with the guys latest album ‘Pacifica’ due out September 14th. The Parklife Festival will probably be the first place to hear all their new music live, so try and get along!