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Andrew Drummond – The Grey Pelican EP


Acoustic artist Andrew Drummond, has released his first EP, ‘The Grey Pelican’, which on the whole is a rather haunting and emotional debut piece, punctured by the powerful and upbeat refrains in the single ‘Morning Light’.

At first listen to this EP, two things become quite clear. Firstly, Andrew Drummond has an amazing voice, and secondly that although all the tracks are very mellow and easy listening, that this is not an overly happy album. The lyrics are dark, heavy and quite depressing at times. Despite the joyous refrains by Drummond in ‘Morning Light’ (which was reviewed here), it is clear that each song is written from the heart and heavily influenced by the passing of a loved one, which he duly admits as an influence.

The third track, ‘I Can Feel You’ in particular illustrates the above point, being a chilling and emotional song. The slow plucks of each string on the guitar help create this heartfelt and sad effect, which is furthered by the inclusion of the string instruments, a really great touch that helps make this track a standout. The lyrics are so poignant and sung with such emotion, and it has to be my favourite track on the album, you just get drawn into what Drummond must have felt, its very intense.

Unfortunately my favourite track is followed by ‘Wander Aimless’ which is probably the weakest track on the album. It is slow, very repetitive and doesnt have the same emotion that the other pieces generate. ‘Solitary Space’ is a lyrically interesting song that uses some saintly backing vocals to create a different sound to the rest of the album, before finishing off with ‘ Northern Poet’, a well written song that shows off the strength of Drummond’s vocals and tells a story that sounds remarkably similar to Jack and the Beanstalk.

Overall, the Grey Pelican is an enjoyable listen, although slightly on the heavy and depressing side. The vocals are outstanding, and the acoustic guitar is played solidly, but you cannot help but feel that there is something missing, after all there are only so many ways to play an acoustic guitar. The two strongest tracks, ‘Morning Light’ and ‘I Can Feel You’, used the percussion and strings instruments well, and I think that in future Drummond could really benefit from including some different sounds, such a banjo, drum kit, etc just to mix it up and further separate himself from the plethora of acoustic wannabees on youtube.

I have a feeling Andrew Drummond will take a couple more EPs to get his balance right, but with a voice like his, and his strong song writing ability, there is much to be excited about. You can attend his album launch this Saturday (the 10th) at Paddington Uniting Church in Sydney, tickets are $12 at the door.


Andrew Drummond – Morning Light Single

Unearthed Pic Drummond

Sydney indie folk artist Andrew Drummond has just released his first single ‘Morning Light’, which is off his soon to be released EP ‘The Grey Pelican’.

‘Morning Light’ combines a steady simmering of acoustic guitar with the beautifully crisp and clear voice of Andrew Drummond, to create a really soft, chilled feel. The track has a slow and steady build-up to each chorus, before Drummond launches into the powerful ‘Morning Light’ refrain which really shows the quality of his voice and forms the centerpiece of the song.

Despite the relaxing acoustic style of the music, the song lyrically is quite melancholy revolving around failed aspirations and broken dreams. However the chorus provides the hope that the the suffering individual in the song wants, with Drummond’s vocals so clear and uplifting in wishing that ‘morning light’ to shine through, support them and change things around.

The track also comes with a pretty cool video clip (below) that really encapsulates the relaxing feel of the song, with Drummond describing it as ‘a  fun, chilled celebration of a Sydney summer’. I find the use of painting the blank canvas particularly effective in illustrating the hope and want for change that occurs in the song, as a bright and colourful piece of art is produced from nothingness. I also liked the touch of the grey pelican in the corner, was that subliminal advertising for the EP?

I loved the vocals on this track and I really enjoyed the listening to it, and my only criticism is that I felt that the song could have built up to the final chorus slightly better. I enjoyed the inclusion of the harmonies and the increased presence of the percussion instruments, and it was 95% there, but just failed to deliver that final killer blow that leaves the listener feeling like they have no other choice but click their iPod onto repeat. Its a pretty minor criticism and I’m sure that come the next set of releases, Drummond will have nailed his endings.

Overall, I really liked Andrew Drummond and I think he has a lot of potential given the enjoyable and chilled listen ‘Morning Light’ has provided. I am also really looking forward to hearing the rest of the EP, and will post a review when I have had a listen. Until then you can enjoy the track, either below or by downloading it for free from Andrew Drummond’s Triple J Unearthed Page.