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The Dead Leaves – If The Shoe Fits


Believe it or not, The Dead Leaves initially began as a solo project with the band getting together to help produce music for the bands vocalist, Joe Gow but quickly evolved into a group project with the The Dead Leaves first album, Cities on the Sea, being due for release February10. Until then the band have released the single ‘If the Shoe Fits’ to get us started.

The band is quite rightly built around Joe Gow’s deep , husky,┬ábaritone┬ávocals, which are absolutely amazing, and sound very similar to Matt Berninger of the National. It is one of those voices that just commands respect, and you associate with those good looking people who wear suits, drink scotch, eat caviar and drive Maserati’s – several which appear in the ‘If the Shoe Fits’ music video below.I mean no disrespect to the other musicians in the band, guitarist Andrew Pollock, drummer Joel Witenberg and bassist Cam Grindrod, whose music is also first class, its just that I find the vocals so incredible. In fact the supporting music should be given more credit with the washy guitars and soft drumming providing the perfect platform to allow Gow’s vocals to sound as good as they do.

Although slightly criticised for their similarities to The National, The Dead Leaves still deliver a great sound and are not some made in China cheap knock off. And as The National only tour every 3 to 4 years, I am quite happy to go to my local music venue and catch these guys for a fifth of the price. Hopefully their forthcoming album will show enough diversity to cement their own identity.