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Jubilants – Fiasco


Coming out of Sydney is the four piece Jubilants who are producing some very catchy indie pop including the killer track ‘Fiasco‘.

‘Fiasco’ is one of those summery embezzled  tunes that are making a real resurgence on the Aussie radios at the moment. However the thing that stands out about ‘Fiasco’ is that whilst it is upbeat breezy pop, it doesn’t overplay the calypso or jungle beat themes that are seemingly everywhere at the moment. The cowbells and low-fi chorus are a nice change. There is also a lot going on in the track to keep you interested, cascading guitars, fading vocals, crackling drums, and a pretty sweet almost Santana like riff underpinning it all. Needless to say we are big fans, and if it doesn’t have you hooked at the first listen, go to the doctor – there is something wrong.

Oh and one final tip, hit repeat when its done. We forgot to mention it gets better with each listen.