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The Clueless – Trash


Hailing from the inner-West of Sydney is a talented group of 14/15 year olds collectively known as The Clueless, who despite posting the scorching track ‘Trash‘ on Triple J Unearthed are so underground they don’t even have a photo!

‘Trash’ is a well layered tune driven by the Last Dinosaurs-esque tropical guitar patterns. The drumming is tight, the bass-line bounces and the vocals by Ruben Neeson almost perfectly channel the angsty, matter-o-fact, style of Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner. A fantastic indie song laden with subtle changes in tempo and featuring some almighty guitar hooks. ‘Trash’ can easily slide into the same genre as Glass Towers,  Last Dino’s and Loon Lake, being short, sweet and a pretty catchy little number.

Given their young age, and the maturity shown in ‘Trash’, expect to hear a lot more about The Clueless.


Rockets – Nothing to Say EP


Sydney indie four-piece Rockets are due to release their second EP ‘Nothing to Say’ full of dirty indie soaked rock n roll next month.

Rockets are kind of what I imagined would result if the Strokes Julian Casablancas and Arctic Monkeys Alex Turner got married, had four boys and gave them some instruments. They have those fantastic baselines synonymous with both bands and the vocals by Hewett Cook are scratchy but melodic and give off that  dirty, smart-arse vibe that characterises the Arctic Monkeys.

‘McBird’ is one of my favourite tracks off the EP, and shows off the vocals of Hewett Cook perfectly. The track is also exceptionally well layered from the bouncy beginning, to the slow vocal verses, before finally erupting into the chorus where everybody joins in. I love the intricate little guitar riffs peppered throughout and how the bass, guitars and drums all come together in the climax to create a sound that is almost like one awesome instrument.

The good news is that the rest of the tracks are also pretty awesome, and its nigh on impossible to pin-point a weak link in the EP. ‘Cools J’Tard’ is another favourite which is laced with killer bass riffs. ‘The Night Off’ is a bit more fast-paced and has some cool drumming patterns. There is also the slower ‘Sparring Partners’, and ‘Tell You Nothing’ which bring you more solid indie rock tunes.

This EP was a real find, and Rockets are definitely a band to watch in the future. ‘Nothing to Say’ is released on June 8th and be sure to get your hands on it. Until then have a peak at the bands facebook and unearthed pages to download a couple of the tracks, or you can stream the EP in full here.

San Cisco – Freemantle Doctor Propelling Them on the Airwaves!


San Cisco had a pretty awesome 2011, releasing their highly praised debut EP ‘Golden Revolver’ and 2012 has kicked off pretty well too, releasing their second EP ‘Awkward’ with the title track finishing an incredible 7th in Triple Js hottest 100.

Needless to say, the Freemantle band have done pretty well for themselves. Whilst they fit the indie rock classification pretty well, San Cisco manage to mix each of their tracks up and create a pretty ecelectic sound compared to many other indie rockers.

Their biggest hit ‘Awkward’, uses a great call and response style of singing between drummer Scarlett Stevens and Jordi Davieson to give a pretty accurate detail of the teenage dating scene. It has to be the best indie duet going around, with the vocals and  da-da-da-das really forming the core of the track, while the instrumentation is simple and effective in the background. A great track, so fun to listen to.

Off their debut EP, the title track ‘Golden Revolver’ is also pretty sweet. It has an amazing guitar riff that runs throughout the track, it just tickles my eardrums in all the right spots – I love it. The vocals by Davieson are husky and convey a fair bit of emotion in them, whilst the power of the multiple voices singing the chorus really conveys the annoyance with being left loveless. It has a really raw sound, and a great video clip to match (below).

San Cisco also include a cover track on each of their EPs, according to Davieson ‘It’s kinda our thing’, and the ‘Solitude is Bliss’ and ’505′ (Arctic Monkeys) also allows the band to pay homage to some of their influences. ‘Solitude is Bliss’ is an awesome stripped back take on the Tame Impala track, the use of the cow bells and tambourine add an eclectic feel to the psychedelic track.

In fact my only real criticism of San Cisco isn’t really their fault, but Triple Js. Now Triple J have done great things for them, but at the same time they are flogging airplay for  ‘Awkward’ so hard, I don’t know how much more I can handle, and some our other friends agree. It is like they are the Australian equivalent of Lana Del Rey, which Triple J did flog till she was dead and decided to cancel her shows (not purely coincidence!).

Anyway, in light of the above comments, I will leave you with the title track off their debut EP, ‘Golden Revolver’ which you can still download for free of their unearthed page – Enjoy…