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The Paper Kites – Listen and Float Away

Sam Bentley, Christina Lacy, Dave Powys, Sam Rasmussen, and Josh Bentley, are The Paper Kites, a Melbourne indie folk five-piece you should take note of, after producing a flawless debut EP ‘Woodland’ that has quite rightly drawn praise and attention.

It is rare that a debut EP, let alone one from an unsigned band, produces 6 tracks that are all equally great to listen to, but The Paper Kites have done just that, creating an album that you can relax and float away to with every listen.

Although the band have three singers, the lead vocals by Sam Bentley are amazing, and sound very much like those of fellow folk artist Josh Pyke. Both share this real huskiness in their voice and the ability to completely grasp your attention in telling each songs story. This is probably most evident in the track ‘Bloom’. The Paper Kites support Bentley’s voice well, with sweet back up harmonies being present in most of their tracks on the EP.

Instrumentally the band mix it up a bit from track to track, but being a folk band tend to favour the acoustic guitar, with ‘Bloom’ featuring an incredible acoustic riff that  really allows the mind to float away. ‘Featherstone’ uses the acoustic in a slightly lower range, and gives a real roadtrip vibe to the track, supporting the lyrical story of their adventure to the coastline.  The presence of the bass drum in ‘Willow Tree March’ helps create a clever marching effect, whilst ‘The Mortal Boy King’ rounds the EP off by using female vocals to create a softer more innocent sound.

Perhaps their best reward for their EP was the invitation to tour the country with fellow folk rockers and five time ARIA winners, Boy and Bear, and fellow up and comers Ballpark Music. Sharing similarities in style with Boy and Bear’s slow folk infused ballads, the chance to tour and pick up some tips will surely prove fruitful in helping the Paper Kites progress further with their next release, one I cannot wait for.

Boy and Bear – Moonfire Album Review


Winning an Aria award, let alone five, is a pretty good indication you have produced a cracking album with lots of good tracks.

Boy and Bear’s album Moonfire deserves its praise, as the Sydney five-piece have put together a solid debut full length album to follow up from their EP With Emperor Antarctica.

The band describes their sound as ‘a combination of drivey indie folk andchoral harmonies’, a somewhat broad term, that is reflected in the different musical styles present in Moonfire.

Songs The Feeding Line, Milk and Sticks, and Golden Jubilee (my favourite from the album) providing solid baselines with up tempo beats that really get the crowd going if you are lucky enough to see them live. However, they also have the slower more poignant harmonies such as Beach and Big Man. Big Man in particular seems to offer a rather interesting view on arrogance – just a sidenote. The most diverse track, and freely admitted by the band in interviews and on stage, is The Village, in which in the drum kit is dropped for bongos and egg shakers come out, for a short, random, but enjoyable number.

Overall this was a solid album and well worth the $20 bucks in the shop, having done countless rotations in my cars CD player (Yeah I’m one of the few without an iTrip). Having seen them at Enmore earlier this year, I also suggest you take the opportunity to catch them live, either at the BDO, or on their next tour as the boys put on a pretty good show.