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Vydamo – Hurricane


If you loved Vydamo’s first single, ‘Gonna Make It‘ you will be ecstatic to learn that single number two, ‘Hurricane‘, has just dropped.

However, if you were expecting more of the upbeat piano that made ‘Gonna Make It’ so catchy, you may be a little surprised, with ‘Hurricane’ being much more of the chilled driving indie guitar vibe. After the first listen, the title ‘Hurricane’ seems somewhat ironic as this relaxing tune loaded with Beach Boys-esque harmonies and steady string patterns is nothing heavy like the title suggests. Nonetheless, ‘Hurricane’ is still super catchy, and the inclusion of the Cello definitely earns it some bonus points.

After two sweet singles and with an album out later this year, I think the hype is allowed to start building.

Vydamo – ‘Gonna Make It’ Tour


Vydamo headed up by Art vs Science‘s Jim Finn are hitting the road with their ‘Gonna Make It’ Tour after the scorching popularity of their song with the same name. Be sure not to miss Vydamo’s first official tour, especially considering Jim is heading back to spend time with Art Vs Science as they approach a new album.

Tour Dates

Fri 19th April - Oxford Art Factory, Sydney

Sat 20th April - The Toff, Melbourne

Sat 27th April - Alhambra, Brisbane

Tickets from

Vydamo – Gonna Make It


Just when you needed that new anthem to pump you up on those summer days, comes ‘Gonna Make It’ by Vydamo.

Vydamo is the side project by Jim Finn, who is better known for his part in electro outfit Art vs Science. Whilst the sound has changed dramatically, with the thumping synth baselines replaced with catchy vocal hooks and scorching keys patterns, the themes haven’t. Its an upbeat song based on the aim of every avid party goer – stay out all night, and “make it home for breakfast”. Its an awesome indie rock tune, and its recent play on the Js has been well deserved. I can assure you its been getting flogged at Aussie Playlist HQ, with ‘Gonna Make It’ one of our recent favourites.

Jim Finn is in the studio recording more songs as you read this, so get excited for 2013 and hopefully some more releases and possibly even some live shows by Vydamo.

Feelings – One In A Million


Feelings is the new solo project by ex-Philly Jays guitarist and singer Simon Berkfinger, and he has just released his first single ‘One In A Million‘.

Philadelphia Grand Jury were one of my favourite local acts ever and when they broke up at the end of last year I hit some dark places. Listening to Feelings is a double edged sword in many ways, its exciting but also opening up old wounds, I miss MC Bad Genius and his ‘Evil Eyes’!

Having said that, this first single is (as expected) a promising resurgence of the Philly Jays characteristic pop ingrained rock sound. ‘One In A Million’ has that raw bassline, the lowkey but effective drum patterns and that unique Berkfinger falsetto that can have even the hardest of macho men grooving. Perhaps more on the poppy side that the rock side, than I was expecting, but I will be excited to hear more from Feelings.

I will be especially keen to catch them at their shows next month, where Berkfinger will be joined on stage by Dan Sweat from Art Vs Science and Dappled Cities’ Dave Rennick. Tour Dates are below the track, along with a video that should answer any other Berkfinger related questions.



Tour Dates

Wednesday 19 September – Beach Road Hotel, Bondi

Thursday 20 September – Alhambra Lounge, Brisbane

Friday 21 September – GoodGod, Sydney

Saturday 22 September – The Workers Club, Melbourne

Tales in Space – Starwars


Tales in Space are a brilliant & awesome pair of chaps from Sydney, Luke Bert & Pieman, who write, play & record their own tunes and, you know, occasionally in their spare time dress up as scientists and conduct experiments.

You may have heard of these guys as they released an EP in 2010 with a RAD little catchy song called ‘Work You Out’ that a fair bit of airplay. Then came ‘Ghost In The Room‘, other cool stuff like a cover of Adele’sRolling In The Deep‘ for a Ministry of Sound comp, and loads funky remixes including Dappled Cities, John Steel Singers & Art Vs Science.

For their new track, ‘Starwars‘ seems like a somewhat inappropriate title, given all I could hear in the track was the hours and hours I spent as a kid playing Supermario on my block of a gameboy. It was not the laser and tie-fighter noises I was expecting, but I admit to enjoying the surprise, although perhaps lacking the oomph their previous releases. The track does comes with a pretty cool video though, where the pair become crazy mad scientists.

This new track does signal the boys are out of hibernation so hopefully we can expect some new stuff before 2012 is out.