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Ginger and The Ghost – Where Wolf


Ginger and the Ghost are a Sydney indie duo responsible for the imagination filled indie pop tune ‘Where Wolf‘.

Ginger and the Ghost seem to have this focus on their music not just being sound, but a full on sensory experience. A quick look at their immaculate cover art and band logo almost gives their artistic background away, but their live shows are something different entirely. Held in a carpentry warehouse, their homemade stage was transformed into a rustic ‘Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’ style imaginary retreat, with multiple images projected around the room.

Their music also conveys this same passion and love, and ‘Where Wolf’ is the perfect example. The the homemade hand clap/tambourine percussion, combined with the delicate plucks of the auto harp is a real winner. Its quirky, fun and ridiculously catchy, Ginger’s squeezy high voice is sensational. Escapism music at its best.

Having seen their debut live set, I can comfortably say that Ginger and the Ghost will be back with more.