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When I think of girl bands, I think of the young girls, happy songs, and good morals such as Atomic Kitten, Girls Aloud, and that band of Australian Idol rejects the Young Divas. However Stonefield are not your average girl band, in short terms they actually rock.

Previously known as Iotah, they had to change their name due to the similarity to iOTA, a guy who doesn’t even crack the one-hit-wonder kind of fame, and has since acknowledged that, now tending to perform on stage where to his credit he has won some awards.

Despite their name change the band consisting of four sisters, Amy, Hannah, Sarah and Holly Findlay have already had much success, winning Triple J’s unearthed High in 2010, releasing their first successful EP “Black Water Rising” with Warner Music (They released some self-published stuff in 2008 that you can check on their myspace page), and being hand picked to play at last years Glastonbury Festival in the UK.

Stonefield in their own words combine “Screeching vocals, electrifying riffs, keys and driving beats”, and to be fair that is pretty smack on. They are in essence a psychedelic rock band with some retro shoutouts to the 70s including an awesome cover of ‘Steppenwolf’s ‘Magic Carpet Ride’.  They are loud, wear headbands, have long hair (even if they are girls) and rock out on stage like it was their last show ever – every time.

Their song “Through the Clover” epitomises their form of heavy rock, mentioned above and you can check the youtube clip below for the aesthetic headbands etc. Their aforementioned EP ‘Black Water Rising’ was more of the same thudding beats, shrieking guitars and screaming vocals, and with rumours circulating that 2012 will herald their first feature length LP there is much to be excited for in the coming year.