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British India – I Can Make You Love Me

British india

Melbourne four-piece British India are bursting back onto the Australian music scene with their fantastic new single ‘I Can Make You Love Me‘.

‘I Can Make You Love Me’ is strong pulsing rock from British India, with their marching beats combining with a steady guitar pattern to create a really atmospheric drive to the track. The additional perforating guitar hooks just add that extra dimension to the music. However, like TV, the track should really come with a “caution – contains adult themes” warning, and negotiates some pretty dark territory. Yet I do think ‘I Can Make You Love Me’  captures the deep emotional intensity that Declan Melia’s wailing and scratchy vocals allude to. Likewise, their video plays on the same emotional insecurities, and I like the way it seems to channel childhood favourite book ‘Where The Wild Things Are’.

With British India’s album apparently going to feature some more folk sounding tracks, ‘Avalanches’ is promising to be quite a different and entertaining listen from the boys.

Modular Records Announce Forthcoming Albums


Modular Records have just announced that they will be releasing several new albums from popular artists on twitter tonight.

Included in the tweet was that synth rockers Van She will be releasing a new full length, Ladyhawke will be releasing her second album ‘Anxiety’, Jonathon Boulet’s follow up album is receiving its final touches before release in early 2012, and that psychedelic rockers Tame Impala will also have a new one out between March and July. This is a pretty good announcement in itself, but there is still more!

Electro favourites The Presets will be releasing their third album in the first quarter of 2012, a long wait considering some fans were lucky enough to hear the band play a new track at Coachella Festival in the USA last April. However this album will be released with much hype after the band described it as being better than their last album. Only time will tell.

The Avalanches are also set to release their second album that has been 7 years in the making and 11 years since their debut album ‘Since I Left You’. Pretty exciting stuff. Reports suggest that the band has already finished recording and we could be expecting the album to drop sooner rather than later and feature the likes of Ariel Pink and Jennifer Herrema (from 90s US rockband Royal Trux).

We can’t wait, and will let you know more details when we know them, until then here is a sneak peak at the upcoming presets album (apparently)