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Tigertown – Wandering Eyes EP Review


If indie pop five piece Tigertown haven’t made a fan out of you yet, their latest EP ‘Wandering Eyes‘ sure will.

The five track ‘Wandering Eyes’ EP is the third from the band who have continued to grow their sound and gone from strength to strength with each release. As soon as the first few notes of the opening track ‘Weary One’ hit your ears, you know that Tigertown are just going to charm you with their delightful harmonies and rustic eclectic beats throughout the EP. And to be frank, that excited me.

Lead single ‘What You Came Here For’ only added to that excitement with the driving collective of beats and soaring vocals, quite rightly drawing praise and plenty of spins on the old radio. ‘Back in Time’ is an equally strong track, that really highlights the poppier side of Tigertown’ music as it delivers a tighter, more intense but equally harmonious sound.  ‘Wandering Eyes’ delivers a return to a more eclectic folk vibe that satisfies the eardrums with its classic harmonies and mellow beats, before the EP then rounds off softly and delicately with the mellow love ballad ‘Ghost’. It was a charming end for an EP that whilst varied in nature, somehow maintained that quintessentially Tigertown feel that we have grown to love over their three releases.

A slightly interesting fact that struck me about the ‘Wandering Eyes’ EP is that all songs are 3:19 to 3:24 seconds long, which just seemed almost formulated. A strange piece of trivia that goes no further in explaining the quality of Tigertown’s sound, but did draw some intrigue.

Overall, the entire EP just oozes charm, and I can quite confidently say that ‘Wandering Eyes’ will have you swooning to their tunes near uncontrollably, as their gorgeous voices, rustic beats and positive vibe combine to create an EP where almost every song gets stuck in your head. In fact, my only complaint from this charming and quaint little EP is that it is not a full length album – which given the band has two EPs under their belt already, I was desperately hoping for.