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The Lions Children – She Knows


Hailing from The Gold Coast are the indie poppers known as The Lions Children, who have released a catchy as hell tune called ‘She Knows‘.

‘She Knows’ is a lively tune that has you instinctively tapping your toes, with a great mix of jangly guitars and bouncing beats. I am a big fan of the vocal interplay between the two singers, which really helps to give that track that extra bout of oomph to. The fact that the lyrics also make a load of sense is just a bonus, and I admit I was probably getting a little too happy singing along to the usually edgy story regarding a cheating boyfriend. The influences by Grouplove and The Jungle Giants are evident, but I cannot get enough of ‘She Knows’ and The Lions Children’s upbeat indie pop sound.

For a debut tune, ‘She Knows’ is awesome, and has me thinking The Lions Children are promising big things…

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Gig Review – The Griswolds at The Workers Club

The Griswolds

It was a Friday night, perfect weather (for once) in Melbourne and the perfect opportunity to go out for a few drinks and an awesome gig. I knew from the outset The Griswolds gig was going to be a good night out.

The Griswolds have come a long way, with the five Sydney lads just having released their debut EP ‘Heart of a Lion’, wining Triple J Unearthed and getting to play at Parklife, becoming Triple J Unearthed’s feature artists and they have been receiving glowing reviews left right and centre! (Including flattering reviews from us.) All of these achievements definitely had my bar of expectation up high, and I was looking forward to seeing the boys rock it out whilst dressed in floral pants and tie-dye shirts.

I got to Workers Club at about 9:00pm, knowing that The Griswolds would hit the stage at about 10:00pm. I’d been to the Workers Club before, but on a different night so the atmosphere was unlike the experience I’d had before. With a few quaint areas to drink, it’s a charming venue. When it was time to watch The Griswolds do their thing on stage, I entered another room, where a forest setting was painted on the back wall of the stage, totally suiting The Griswolds’ style. To my disappointment there were no floral pants or tie-dye shirts to be seen, the boys seemingly dressed a bit classier for their Melbourne fans.

A pretty good crowd had showed up to watch, but there was still enough room to dance away, making a pleasant atmosphere. Lead singer Chris Whitehall kicked off the evening with ‘The Courtship of Summer Preasley’ and straight away a few people in the front started dancing erratically to the sweet beats. The Griswolds’ energy on stage was electric and never ceased throughout the entire performance. Whitehall’s vocals were next to perfect and he hit the high notes in their most well known song ‘Heart of a Lion’, easily. Guitarist Dan was wearing a pretty sick wolf t-shirt, but more importantly really nailed it on guitar, working well through each song, especially in ‘Red Tuxedo’ which is my favourite off of their new EP. The bass guitarist, drummer and synthist had equal energy and skills, which just made the entire performance more enjoyable. The last song, and their most well known one, ‘Heart of a Lion’ went off, with the audience singing along and dancing about. A sweet end to a sweet gig.

Aside to being talented musicians who can put on a good show, the other memorable thing from the night is that The Griswolds are also just really nice guys. They gave out multiple copies of their EP to the audience during the show, were happy to sign them and talked to fans afterwards too. I had the pleasure of meeting the passionate Sydney band, who as it turns out are a really fun and and awesome bunch.

The Griswolds will soon start their Heart of a Lion EP Launch Tour playing 19th of October in Sydney, 26th of October in Canberra, 27th of October in Newcastle, 1st of November in Brisbane, 2nd of November in Toowoomba and 17th of November in Melbourne. These are gigs you will not want to miss!


Q & As with The Griswolds – Latest Unearthed Winners


The Griswolds burst onto the Australian music scene in 2012 with two killer singles in ‘Mississippi’ and ‘Heart of A Lion’, and have now just won Triple J’s Unearthed competition to play Parklife!

Aside from winning this competition which will see them line up with Parklife heavy weights Tame Impala and The Presets, The Griswolds have also played with the likes of San Cisco, Millions and Last Dinosaurs. We caught up with the boys before this great news to find out more about The Griswolds and when there EP will finally be dropping. Here is what they had to say…

Lets kick it off easily, who are The Griswolds? How did you meet, how did you come to make music, and why call yourself the Griswolds?

The Griswolds are essentially Dan and Whitehall as the singer song writers, then theres Timmy, Robbie and Riley on bass, samples and drums. We’ve all been friends for a while through various “band” connections, we’ve all played together in some kinda way before we decided to start our own band and call it The Griswolds. The name came from a drunken night in the studio, we were taking the piss and coming up with all sorts of whacky band names because we were pissed off that we couldnt seem to come up with anything decent that wasnt already taken. Someone mentioned ‘The Griswolds’, we couldnt believe we all liked it and it stuck!

Where was your first ever live show, and who were you supporting?

My first ever live show was when I was 15, playing blink 182 and mxpx covers at a friends party, haha we were so shit!! The Griswolds had a really cool kick start into the gig scene, our first shows were playing along side Last Dinosaurs and San Cisco. Both great bands, we were very chuffed!!

You have a pretty cool profile pic with all the colourful dyes, taken from the video for ‘Heart of A Lion’. Whose idea was that. It looks like it did/could have easily get further out of hand – did it?

The video was actually a friend’s idea, we were staying at a beach house for the weekend and we had a massive party and took a heap of photos of the night. The next day we went through the camera and were so blown away by how far out of control the party got, the photos looked great!! Our friend said we should do it again and use it for a music video. So we started planning it all out and the ideas kept getting messier and crazier, we bought 100kgs of powder, we had 50 litres of coloured milk, shit got crazy!! Noone could have predicted how nuts it got that day, I blame the sangria! Anyway in the end it took us a full week to clean and re-paint the studio. Worth it though!

The first time I saw you guys, one of you was rockin’ the double denim look – perhaps best kept in the 90s – who decides what to wear when you go on stage? Any other bad costume choices?

Haha yeah, gotta love the double denim, we just wear whatever we feel like, theres no real rhyme or reason to it. Weve all played in bands before where every member wears black skinny jeans and a black shirt, it’s been done. I think everything we wear on stage is the stupidest thing we ever worn, the double denim is a great example! we’ve also done snake skin tights, ridiculous cowboy boots, bad tasting hawaiian shirts, top hats, its all in the name of fun.

You guys are pretty love-able and put on a super energetic live show, so what is the strangest/worst thing that has happened when you have been performing so far? 

We had a shocker not too long ago, we had been celebrating some good news just before a gig and every member was reasonably plastered, we played a pretty horrible gig haha! Lesson learned – lucky it was free!

The big question that everybody wants to know about. The feud with Hey Geronimo, how did it kick off, did you really poo in their shoe?

Oh geez, umm, I’m pretty sure we started it. It was a series of pranks that went wrong, they are actually great dudes, we really like them (except for the keyboard player). There’s a heap more I could add to this story, but that’s for another time ; )

You have just been playing shows with Jakarta Criers, Go Violets and City Riots, did you get up to any more ridiculous shenanigans?

We’re all about having good times, and quite often take it too far, but no, we’ve been pretty tame. We usually go out for a few drinks or dinner with the bands we play with, that’s always good.

How do you go about making your music? What is the first thing you do when writing a new song, is their one creative influence in the band (maybe tequila?) or is it a group effort.

We have no set strategy or plan when we write, every song has come about differently than the last. Some songs were definitely helped along by a bit of Tequila, then others just write themselves, one song actually came about within a dream, we woke up and started tracking it at 3am so we wouldn’t forget it.

Heart of A Lion is your latest energetic single, is Steve ‘The CEO of cheap arseholes and petty woes’ a real person? How did this song come about? 

Yep, Steve Levene is as real as you and me! Heart of a Lion is about a guy with a big heart, and an even bigger ego, pretentious fucker, but we love him all the same!

You have already released two singles and there have been rumours of a forthcoming EP, can you shed any more light on the matter? 

There is indeed an EP on the way, it is in final stages now and should be out by late August along with another single and another film clip not too long after.

2012 has seen The Griswolds burst onto the scene smashing everything in their path, what is set to happen in 2013?

We’re hoping that 2013 will see us on festival stages around Australia and some decent international tours. We are already writing our first album which we will release next year too.

Check out the Griswolds on Facebook. Watch their music video for ‘Heart of a Lion‘, and download the track for free here

The Griswolds – Heart of a Lion


Following on from their super catchy tune ‘Mississipi’ is the Griswolds second single ‘Heart of a Lion’.

‘Heart of a Lion’ combines that same energetic indie vibe from ‘Mississippi’, but perhaps with a dash more cheekiness than before. Particularly true given the song is about “the CEO of cheap assholes and petty woes”, a man called Steve Laverne. Unfortunately my quick facebook stalking session failed to uncover whether Steve was real or not, but he has definitely inspired one hell of a song.

You just have to love their fast driving jungle beats, the rolling guitars and the ever clear and cheeky vocals. ‘Heart of a Lion’ also has a really cool break and build up to the final chorus that then finishes with a cracking little drum solo. Listening to this track is like drinking too much red cordial, it leaves you happy, excited and with an unreasonable amount of energy that is difficult to expel.

Check out the awesome new video below, and if you like what you hear the Griswolds are giving away the track for free from their facebook page or bandcamp profile.

Chris Gillespie and the Wandering Hands – Unnatural Light.

Chris Gillespie


Chris Gillespie and supporting musicians Matt Luciano and Ben Hazlett (aka the Wandering Hands) are a Sydney threesome producing some very mellow Australian roots tunes and just released  a new album ‘Unnatural Light’ last November.

With a title that reads like a dodgy newspaper article, I can understand  why Chris Gillespie dropped the support band from their name since their last release. Luckily, despite the name change their sound is still as mellow as ever and the new album is simply awesome.

Lead singer Chris Gillespie delivers a great solo performance on the vocals throughout the album. His crisp clear voice is really easy to listen to, and the evident ‘occa’ twang adds some character that allows you to feel a bit more of a connection to the music. His lyrics are very realistic, mainly about the struggles of life, and with no disrespect are slightly depressing at times.

Instrumentally, the band keeps most tracks nice and simple, usually just some percussion and a guitar/mandolin and is more than effective. Having said that, they do mix it up with an awesome harmonica work, some finger clicking, and the impressive harmonies by Luciano and Hazlett. In fact, purely relating to the music, it reminds me a bit of the simple tracks that underpinned Hank Williams amazing voice only 70 years earlier.

‘Autumn Winds’ is the track that stands out the most to me. It also illustrates my point about the depressing lyrics about life’s difficulties, and manages to convey both the amazing harmonies by Luciano and Hazlett and the use of harmonica. The best thing about this song is the guitar work by Luciano, who plays a plucky enjoyable solo around the 1 minute mark before the harmonica kicks in for some support. Its just a simple and effective little number, that I can almost envision being used in advertising. Just a great chilled listen.

‘Unnatural Light’ is out now, and you can listen to it in full on their bandcamp page, or catch them live in the Blue Mountains next month.

Cub Scouts – Seeing A Band About a Dog


Cub Scouts are an energetic Brisbane 5 piece that have received some airplay for ‘Evie’ and are sure to be blazing the airwaves around the country when their EP drops later this year.

‘Evie’ is both the Cub Scouts first single and preview to their upcoming EP to be released in this half of 2012. It combines well characterised lighthearted indie-pop with some rather novel steel drums to create a real calypso sound that helps to distinguish the Cub Scouts from the plethora of indie pop bands coming out of everywhere. The song lyrically appears to be of the stalkerish ‘I like this girl, she doesn’t know me’ theme, with phrases such as the opening line “I know a girl who is a puzzle of a thousand pieces” illustrating the point. However in a humourous twist the song is actually inspired by a dog called Evie, which is the title picture – courtesy of pianist and lead singer Tim Nelson via twitter (Follow us @aussieplaylist and @cubscoutsmusic).

The best bit is that you can download ‘Evie’ for FREE at their bandcamp page, such generous people.

With the Cub Scouts rocking the steel drums better than any other band, I can’t wait to hear their latest installment when their EP drops. I will keep you all up to date on the new releases page. Until then enjoy the video below and check out some of their other youtube covers.