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Jacob Butler – UKOK?


He might not have been played on Triple J, but Jacob Butler has made it big in Europe with ‘UKOK?’ a song inspired by his adventures to the motherland, where he was chewed and spat out by the freezing cold, dog eat dog metropolis that is London.

‘UKOK’ is a characteristic indie pop anthem, that has been described as ‘Teenage Fanclub after being taken to with a chainsaw by Nirvana! Despite the 90s britpop meets grunge rock┬ácomparisons, ‘UKOK’ is a solid rock track, underpinned by some mid tempo drumming, a heavy bass line and the soaring vocal hooks of Jacob Butler. Its easy listening and in true pop form, pretty catchy.

Music aside, the accompanying videoclip set on location in London has to be one of the most entertaining around in a fun, kind of awkward way. Featuring Jacob Butler playing bass in front of Buckingham Palace, riding the tube and London’s big red buses, the video clip is cliched but has an essence of enjoyable cheesiness that makes it all okay.