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Tigertown – Morning Has Finally Come


Leading on from the success of their standout single ‘Lions and Witches’ earlier this year, Tigertown have just released the first taste from their anticipated forthcoming EP, with the brand new single ‘Morning Has Finally Come’.

‘Morning Has Finally Come’ is another enjoyable rustic indie pop tune from the Sydney based 6-piece. If you loved the boy/girl combination of harmonies in ‘Lions and Witches’ then you will love ‘Morning Has Finally Come’. In true Tigertown fashion they open with a beautiful layering of vocals with the difference in range between Charlie and Chris clearly evident and sounding fantastic. The rich high tempo percussion is again a treat, and combines with the delicate cascade of guitar chords to create a truly charming listen.

If you enjoy ‘Morning has Finally Come’ as much as us, then you will be excited to know that their forthcoming ‘Before The Morning EP will be officially released on September 21! Get excited!