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Bell Weather Department – St Michael’s Episode


Bell Weather Department have joined the sea of bands bringing back the fuzzy psychedelic pop of the sixties, which has completely washed over the indie scene in Australia. St Michael’s Episode is a bouncy little rock number with great production value. The chorus is a big sweet vocal harmony covered in a dreamy wash of kaleidoscopic guitars. The lyrics are solid, but not amazing, and unfortunately the track lacks a little originality. There’s nothing in this track that wasn’t taken straight from the sixties, or straight from this new revolution of sixties inspired indie rock. While Bell Weather Department don’t do it as well as Deep Sea Arcade or Tame Impala, they are still young, and there are very promising elements in this track. It finishes with a slowed down synth centered thirty second fade out, making for easy listening and a nice moment in the film clip, which is excellent.