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Police and Thieves – Life is a Lottery

Police and THieves

Just when you though Australian indie music was all calypso pop and bluesy rock comes Melbourne band Police and Thieves who are pushing the bass heavy, dirty side of indie rock.

‘Life is a Lottery’ is an absolute belter by Police and Thieves. The track opens with this intense jam oozing thick bass and coated with heavy beats, that leaves you instantly hooked. The commanding but grungy style of vocals by Rudie Dodd are outstanding, and push the track through to the end strongly. ┬áThe best bit is how the track lightens up into this bouncy tune two thirds of the way through, complete with a cool screaching guitar solo that allows you to chill, reminisce the awesomeness, before building back up into an epic jam for a finale.

‘Creature’ is another sick tune, with a more layered driven rock sound, and goes to show the boys are more than capable of putting together more cracking tracks. Openly intending to take Police and Thieves to the masses, watch out for the band to breakthrough in the coming year.