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Pear Shape – Carbonated Indie Pop


Pear Shape are a quirky four piece outfit based out of Sydney that are producing some pretty sweet indie pop tunes.

I first came across the Pear Shape when they were supporting Owl Eyes and Art of Sleeping at the Oxford Art Factory, where they played a solid set and intrigued me enough to search them out.

Pear Shape have recently received airplay for their track ‘The Coca-Cola Kid’. Its a indie pop track through and through, full of loads of catchy ‘Woahs’ and laced with an undercurrent of soaring guitar hooks. It is a great dance-able indie pop track, and much like its carbonated drink counterpart, is bubbly, fun and easily quenches your music cravings. Having seen their live set, its also clear they have a number of equally bouncy songs laced with more of the intricate and infectious guitar riffs present in ‘The Coca-Cola Kid’. They also really cash in on their names sake, handing out free pears to the audience which is sure to help gain them some more fans. You can download ‘The Coca-Cola Kid’ from their unearthed page here.

With several gigs as support acts and a Beresford residency under their belts so far this year, you would imagine and EP would not be far off. Keep your eyes and ears pealed for the next installment from Pear Shape.