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Kat Vinter – Stoneheart

Kat Vinter

Remember Cassette Kids? Well now lead singer Kat Vinter has gone solo and released a pretty cool track called ‘Stoneheart‘.

Swapping sunny Sydney for Berlin seems top have provided a pretty good muse for Kat Vinter, as ‘Stoneheart’ is a pretty rad return into the musical foray. The vocals are simply insatiable and just so silky smooth. The backing is also pretty sweet with a huge mix of low-fi jungle beats, augmented synth noises and punctuating keys. To be fair, ‘Stoneheart’ is not completely new direction, or even a far leap from belonging on Cassette Kids last album. But, if you haven’t picked up on it yet, we loved Cassette Kids so we are more than happy to see Kat Vinter venture out on her own, especially when the end product is this good.

Hopefully the new year heralds a proper EP release for this songstress.