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Big Scary – Organism [W/ New Video]

Big ScaryJust as signs of wear were becoming visible on my #1 Dads vinyl, Tom Lansek has ensured I wasn’t going to have to wait much longer for the next installment of his irresistible talent for music production, dropping ‘Organism‘ as part of his other project Big Scary.

Big Scary’s last album was one of my favourite albums of 2013, and the release of ‘Organism’ almost caught me off-guard given Lansek’s touring for #1 Dads, and the hand he has in the production of so many other up and coming Aussie artists (Montgomery, Art of Sleeping, etc). But one listen will have you instantly grateful, as the very tasty, but oh so dirty bassline takes your ears on an orgasmic ride to the ultimate musical high. Words are an injustice in attempting to describe ‘Organism’, so have a listen, and make sure your jaw doesn’t hit the ground.


Airling – Ouroboros

AirlingComing off BIg Scary’s record label is Airling, who has just dropped her debut solo single ‘Ouroboros’  (pronounced. “o-rob-o-ros”).

Keeping it in the Big Scary family, the track is produced by the male part of the duo Tom Lansek, and captures different angle of chill to that which Big Scary have become known for. The vocals are so smooth, and ‘Ouroboros’ just bounds so delicately through your ears. Its brooding emotional indie at its best.

Big Scary – Phil Collins


Melbourne’s favourite indie rock duo, Big Scary, have returned with their new single ‘Phil Collins‘ from their impending debut LP ‘Not Art‘.

Big Scary have gained a reputation for makign music that is so tender, delicate and soft on the ears, it is hard not to develop a little bit of affection for Tom and Jo. ‘Phil Collins’ is no exception to this rule, and uses a great mix of slow brooding guitars, poignant vocals and deep timpanic drumming that should provide some inference as to where the song gets its name. Its the kind of music that you can sit down and listen to for hours, particularly on a rainy day. In many ways you could imagine ‘Phil Collins’ sitting right on the Winter or Autumn EPs Big Scary previously released, but I’m pretty excited for a full length album.

Bring on ‘Not Art’!!!

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Buckley Ward – Strands


Buckley Ward have recently released a pretty epic single called ‘Strands‘.

‘Strands’ provides a pretty relaxing and nostalgic journey, that you fall in love with the first time, and enjoy just as much with every listen. It delicately creeps along with each guitar note, but takes off in the chorus with some of the most glorious harmonies I have come across recently. The boy/girl combo of vocals really works. Yet, it is perhaps the deepness of the song, that caught me off guard, that I love the most. Despite the pleasant positive nature of the music, the lyrics tell a deeper story, and just add more and more intrigue to the song.

Having played with Big Scary, The Jungle Giants and San Cisco this year, 2013 could potentially be an even bigger break for Buckley Ward.


Big Scary Christmas Giveaway


Melbourne’s favourite two piece Big Scary have really gotten into the Christmas spirit this year. No, they haven’t released their own Carols CD, but they have allowed their fans to download a special previously unreleased track “Cool Kids” for free off their website or facebook page, or you can get it by clicking here.

If only more bands were as generous as these guys