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Q and As with Rachel Costanzo

Rachel Costanzo horiz

Who is Rachel Costanzo and how is it that she has come to make such great music at the age of 16?


Rachel Costanzo is a fun loving 16 year old girl who is doing her best to achieve her dreams. And that Rachel is me!  I began writing with Michael Paynter when I was 15 years old and since then I’ve been learning and practicing all the ins and outs of making great pop music.


You post a whole range of covers up on your YouTube channel. Of all your covers you have posted which is your favourite?


My favourite cover I have uploaded to youtube would have to be Wake Me Up by Avicii. The melody is soo beautiful and catchy.  Everyone can hear this song on the radio too, so hopefully people will be interested in hearing my version of this great song.


Following on, what music do you listen to? What is the one song that never grows old?


I listen to soo many artists. Preferably pop artists such as Jessie J, Rhianna, Ellie Goulding and The Script. A song that I have always been fond about would have to be ‘Breakeven’ by The Script. I’ve loved them since I first heard their music when I was ten.


Many people think that being young and having relatively less experience makes it harder to write a good pop song. What influences the stories you tell in your music, and do you think being 16 limits you or enhances your ability?


I don’t necessarily feel that being young limits me and what I can write about, I’m very mature for my age and I guess I try to write songs that everybody can relate to in some way, it doesn’t have to be something that I’ve experienced, it could be about someone close to me that I’ve seen them experience.  People, places, emotions and experiences influence me in my writing.  If I can’t connect to the song then chances are no one else will be able to. So being 16 doesn’t limit me, because I’ve started so young it only means that as I grow up I’ll improve more and more each day, so in a way that is a big advantage for me.


So you have recently released your debut single, a punchy little pop number called ‘Blindside’. What does it feel like to finally release your music to the world?


Releasing my very own single to the world feels soo surreal. Everybody that has heard it so far has fallen in love with it, and I guess when I released Blindside, my aim was to just make people smile and let them experience something unexpected while listening to the song and watching the film clip.


What is the story behind ‘Blindside’ and how did you compose the track?

The story behind Blindside is about a special someone that entered my life unexpectedly and really changed my life and hit me from my Blindside. I composed the track with Michael Paynter, we walked in to his studio aiming to write a great pop hit and by the looks of how well the public is reacting to it, I think we may have succeeded and I could not be happier!

The single also features your face on its cover. What is it like seeing your face plastered on iTunes and around record stores?


I guess it’s like all my hard work that I have done over the past year has finally paid off. It sometimes scares me when I’m on Facebook scrolling down and I see my single cover being shared, but it makes me soo happy that I’m getting noticed and recognised for what I love doing.


Where to from here for Rachel Costanzo?


I’ll keep working hard from here and writing more and more each day, experiencing, learning and achieving more things throughout my journey as an artist.



Rachel Costanzo – Blindside


Blindside‘ is the debut single from 16 year old Melbourne pop diva Rachel Costanzo.

A classic dance pop tune, ‘Blindside’ is easily accessible for the masses with its pulsing dance beats being simply irresistible. The vocals of this young girl are powerful and full of emotion, and its amazing to think a sixteen year old can have this much talent. But seeing that Lorde shares this same age trait, it appears talented 16 year olds are the thing of the moment. Regardless, Rachel Costanzo has a very solid pop debut with ‘Blindside’.