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The Bloods


Sydney band ‘The Bloods’, not be confused with the notorious Californian Gang, have been together for about 9 months and have released three demo songs (and a Spiderman theme tune cover) to the public on their soundcloud and unearthed profiles. However the big news is that the threesome plan to release their first single in January 2012.

Describing themselves as “garage pop”, the band combines vocal harmonies, electric guitars and drums to create raw tracks with that are a bit rockier than you would be expecting given their ‘pop’ tag.

The most recent song on their soundcloud profile is “Long Gone”, and it is probably my favourite of the three demos I have heard. The song is about stealing somebodies boyfriend, and whilst the lyrics are simple and effective it its the harmonies that made this song. The combined vocals of  female members ‘MC’ and ‘Sweetie’ harmonise beautifully and when mixed with the drumming and twangy guitars create quite a catchy number, hit the spot for me anyway.

“Best Friend” is a bit harder hitting that the aforementioned “Long Gone”, featuring a much more classic rock sound whilst maintaining the same harmonies with the notable inclusion of back up vocals.

“Like a Diamond” has a bit of a grungy sound to it, and utilises some clever breaks and brief changes in tempo. It is pretty funny song lyrically, referring to gaining weight and love. The harmonies are gone, but their is a bigger bass presence which more than accommodates.

If you want to get a good look at ‘The Bloods’ you can risk your life, form a new gang and take them on in California, or alternatively take the safe option and catch them at Oxford Art Factory on January 2nd supporting the Dum Dum Girls (more info).