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Ruby Boots – Something from a Western

Ruby boots

West Australian six-piece ‘Ruby Boots’ definately have a unique sound, one that I haven’t heard in the Australian music scene before and released their second EP ‘At Last’ in October 2011, a follow up to their self titled debut  EP released one year earlier.

They describe their sound as “Knee Slappin, Toe Tappin’, Heart Pumpin’ music you’d dance to with your Mum” and they definitely got the first part right, as for dancing with your mum I’m not to sure.

The music sounds like its out of a western and whilst I love its sound, in all honesty would probably be best appreciated when played in a saloon. Whilst the fast paced drums and the plucky banjo provide a great country vibe, it is the angelic vocals of Bex Chilcot that really makes the song so good to listen to. This point is demonstrated perfectly in their track ‘Devil’ which is an absolute ripper of a tune, mixing Chilcot’s vocals, pacey percussion and banjo plucks with the soft strums of the acoustic guitar.

The other great thing about this song, and all of Ruby Boots tracks in general, is that unlike most western/country music which tends to whine and be quite melancholy, their songs are so aggressive and upbeat. Even the more subdued ‘Wise Up’, maintains the energy with the heavy drumming and Chilcot’s vocals which simply put, sound as though she is enjoying herself.

With the band announcing on twitter that they intend to tour the USA during the Australian winter, the chance to visit Nashville, Tennessee and play in a legitimate saloon may not be far away. Until then ‘Ruby Boots’ will continue to work on new tracks and light up the blues/roots circuit in WA.