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Bluejuice – SOS


Bluejuice have unleashed their newest single, ‘SOS‘, on the world, complete with Ghostbusters inspired video.

The new tune is pretty raw, and whilst maintaining some of those jazzy tendencies of previous albums, really sees a shift away from the dance-style production of  ‘Company’. Its a slightly grungier feel, but does manage to maintain that upbeat fun poppy nature that Bluejuice have become renown for, and it certainly grows on you.  The video is pretty classic, featuring cameos from Merrick Watts, Andrew G, Triple J’s Tom and Alex, and Channel Vs Danny Clayton, as they get chased down by a 90s ghostbuster fitted Bluejuice. Definitely worth a watch and listen…

The Son – More Fire

The son

Tom Piper (aka The Son) has combined forces with Jake and Stav from Bluejuice to create the incredible new single ‘More Fire’.

Those expecting a bluejuice tinged sound featuring some upbeat jazzy pop tunes, will be surprised but not disappointed by ‘More Fire’ which verges very close to being considered rap music. ‘More Fire’ uses a near-rap delivery of some aggressive lyrics, backed by a heavy synth that means its going to be quite the hit on the dance floor and the late night house party. It reminds me a little of a more toned down Prodigy, with the lyrics slightly reminiscent of a Plan B number, yet despite the intensity it remains quite catchy. With a pretty rad videoclip and host of other cool remixes available on soundcloud (for free), The Son has definitely announced himself onto the scene.

The Khanz – Prescription Culture + Tour


Sydney band The Khanz have released their latest single ‘Prescription Culture‘ lifted from their new EP ‘Natural Instinct‘.

Dedicated to ‘every medicated kid and every desperate adult that can’t find a way out’, The Khanz negotiate the idea that ‘Kids are being turned into junkies by their own parents, often with the connivance of teachers and schools – and it’s not for the kids’ benefit.’ As a result the jungle pop enthused track  ‘Prescription Culture’ is not only an ironically bouncy tune, but comes with a pretty sweet video clip featuring everybody’s favourite – clowns with drugs. The fun and energetic nature of the drums and jangly guitars is contrasted with the heaviness of the lyrics, but somehow the Khanz manage to traverse this well, and you are left with a song that is not only a cracking listen, but also delivers a message.

The Khanz have also released several tour dates to celebrate the ‘Natural Instinct’ EP release, playing the UNSW Roundhouse with Sticky Fingers, the UTS Festival headlined by Bluejuice and The Bondi Winter Music Festival. Be sure to catch these guys live, as they have been putting on a epic show ever since their Oxford Art Residencies, and with a new EP it is surely going to get better.

Tour Dates

Thursday, 26th July - The Roundhouse – UNSW Foundation Day, Supporting STICKY FINGERS (Tickets through Moshtix)
Saturday, 28th July - Bondi Winter Music Festival, With TALES IN SPACE, JASON & THE LYREBIRD + More..
Friday, 10th August - UTS Festival, With Bluejuice, Hungry Kids of Hungary & The Preachers  (Tickets through Bigtix)

The Cairos – Cool New Single Shame (Updated)


Brisbane indie rock band the Cairos released an enjoyable EP last year called ‘Summer Catalogue’ which featured the Triple J played tune, ‘Listening Party’. In fact you can stream it in full here.

Since then the band have released a cool new track called ‘Shame’, which according to band member Alfio Alivuzza, “they never really saw much in” and has clearly exceeded expectations. I really like the drums in this track, they are not so much driving beats as in their other music, but rather cruising beats. A little less intense, but still providing direction for the song. The chorus refrain in ‘Shame’ is quite fun, with all the instruments seeming to bounce on that word, its a really cool effect. Then, as with all songs by The Cairos, the guitars kick in impeccably with a sweet hook in that chorus.

Whilst ‘Shame’ doesn’t really create any new ground for the band, it is a really cool track and well worth the listen. I’m sure it will be included in the album the boys have started writing, although its release may still be a while off.

Regardless, other bands are clearly taking notice of these up and coming indie rockers, with The Cairos due to support fellow Aussie bands Bluejuice and Loon Lake on a tour this April. Pretty exciting stuff, so be sure to catch all three bands on what is guaranteed to be a good night out, details here.

Unfortunately there was no youtube clip I could find for this track, but the video has now been released so here is the updated version with the video clip – enjoy!

Top 10 Full Length Aussie Albums in 2011 (part 2)


5) Rain on the Humming Wire – The Panics. The Panics lead singer Jae Laffer has the amazing talent to tell a story in every one of his tracks, and this is ever present on Rain on the Humming Wire. The fourth album by the now mature band, was recorded in upstate New York and contains a substantial amount of electronica compared to previous albums. Nonetheless it still easily identifiable as The Panics and songs “Majesty” (which made My Top 20 Songs for 2011), “Creatures” and “Endless Road” all thoroughly enjoyable listens with the characteristic deep and thought provoking lyrics. It was well worth the three year wait.

4) Company – Bluejuice. The Sydney based larrakins released their third studio album, which maintains their up beat, fast paced, jocular type of indie rock. Boasting a handful of songs which are destined to be summer anthems and festival hits such as the already popular “Act Yr Age”, heart racing “Can’t Keep Up”, and electrifying “You Haven’t Changed”. However the boys have matured and there are also a couple of slower, well layered ballads such as my favourite of the album “Aspen, New York”, and the somewhat jazz inspired “The Recession”. Overall it was a great mix of exciting indie rock and mature songwriting.

3) Happiness and Surrounding Suburbs – Ball Park Music. It must be the Queensland weather because Brisbane keeps pumping out great bands of which Ball Park Music are at the forefront of. Happiness and Surrouding Suburbs was a great indie rock album that was fun, lyrically witty, and excellent when performed live. I saw them supporting Boy and Bear at the Enmore and it was great to see a band who still seemed to enjoy performing each song with the same gusto as if it was their first gig. They managed to have the sarcastic songs such as “iFly”, a humorous look at alcohol and relationships, but maintain credibility with the poignant apocalyptic song “It’s Nice To Be Alive”. It was a diverse album with lots of sounds that just left you feeling grateful and satisfied.

2) Prisoner – The Jezabels. Having waited what seemed like a lifetime for the Jezabels to release a full length album, I am happy to say I was not disappointed. It had everything that their previous EPs had plus more. Lead singer Hayley Mary sounded more angelic, drummer Nik Kaloper’s beats became meteoric, Heather Shannon’s keyboarding even more tuneful and guitarist Sam Lockwood rifts catchier than ever. The end product was awesome, an album you could listen to over and over, and find a different favourite song each time. There was the witty “Rosebud”, already popular “Endless Summer”, and six minutes of heaven in “Long Highway”, that made it so clear to me why these guys were selling out their European shows. In short it was brilliant.


1) Moonfire – Boy and Bear. So if you have seen my Top 20 Aussie Songs of 2011 article, you would know that Boy and Bear rated highly. The very fact that they won 5 ARIA awards, would suggest they would appear somewhere, and they have at number 1. I doubt this raises any eyebrows, as the band has produced a cracking debut full length album in Moonfire that had satisfied the critics, the fans and me. The album has everything from folk ballads, eloquent melodies to the more upbeat rockier numbers like Golden Jubilee. I won’t go on too much more as you can check out album my review here.