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Eden Mulholland – Jesus Why Don’t You Get My Jokes EP Review

Eden Mulholland

Eden Mulholland is a Melbourne composer who has just released his first solo EP called ‘Jesus Why Don’t You Get My Jokes’ which combines so many different beats and sounds its hard to sum in up in one sentence.

Despite being his first solo release, Eden Mulholland is no stranger to the music scene in Australia. He has previously released albums and fronted indie rock band Motocade, whose track ‘Holy Moly’ you may be able to recall. In addition he has also helped compose a number of pieces for dance troupes and stage performers, and is by all accounts a pretty well rounded musician.

‘Jesus Why Don’t You Get My Jokes’ contains very different sounds compared to Motocade, particularly in the lead single of the EP ‘Shanty Town’. ‘Shanty Town’ combines a whole bunch of eceltic bits and pieces, with tribal beats, a touch of xylophone, a sprinkling of acoustic guitar and some pulsating drum work, in a pretty amazing track. The vocals wane slightly, but are still delivered with strength and clarity, and the back up harmonies are very sweet. Normally you wouldn’t be able to see how all these sounds can mix together, let alone sound good, but ‘Shanty Town’ does that to create a great upbeat track to listen to. The video clip below is also pretty awesome.

‘Body Fight Time’ reminds me a bit of James Blake, as it starts off with that low-fi feel with the blips, repetitive lyrics and out of rhythm key notes. Yet halfway through there is this change,  the guitars kick in, then the drums and suddenly you’re in this great mega catchy rocky track, before reverting back to the low-fi feel to round off the track. Its weird in both concept and result, but nonetheless enjoyable.

The other tracks on the EP are pretty diverse. Title track ‘Jesus Why Don’t You Get My Jokes’ is a much more depressing and emotional track than the others, featuring just the now haunting vocals of Eden Mulholland, an acoustic guitar and the xylophone. Whilst ‘Homework’ is quite folky with soft guitar, and really seems to focus on the vocals. In fact it reminds me very much of a Boy and Bear track with less oomph. The EP finishes off with Shipwrecker, a track that is like a rock odyssey. It has thumping drums, smashing cymbals, pulsing guitars interjected by keyboards and is a great way to round off a pretty strange but enjoyable album.

‘Jesus Why Don’t You Get My Jokes’ is coming out in full in June, but you can get a taste of all the track by visiting his bandcamp page or unearthed page. A pretty diverse album that is well worth the listen just to hear how so many sounds all come together.