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Dappled Cities – Born At The Right Time

Dappled Cities

If you enjoyed ‘Run With The Wind‘, the first taste of Dappled Cities forthcoming album ‘Lake Air’, then you will really enjoy their other new tune ‘Born At The Right Time‘.

‘Born At The Right Time’ is bubbly indie pop that could cheer even the most miserable person up. It bounces along so politely, chopping and changing between falsettos, groups backing vocals and whatever you call Dave Rennicks normal voice. Instrumentally, there are catchy guitar hooks, pulsing drums and a solid baseline – all delivered in a precise but very polite manner. Charming indie pop at its best, ‘Born At The Right Time’ is another killer by Dappled Cities.

Judging by these first couple of releases,’Lake Air’ is shaping up to be a pretty awesome album from Dappled Cities. In a month we will know, its due out August 3!