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Woodlock – This Ain’t Love


Unsigned Victorian three piece, Woodlock, came together after siblings Zech and Eze Walters and friend Bowen Purcell, took  trip to Africa and decided to form a band, which have since started producing some very relaxing, chilled out, indie folk tunes.

Their track ‘This Ain’t Love’ (Video Below) is a very catchy indie folk piece. It uses a steady drum beat and acoustic guitar to form the foundation of the track before adding extras in an electric loop, some hi-hat work and drumstick clapping to really create quite a unique and interesting sound. The vocals are soft and complement the music well, whilst lyrically telling an intersting little story about one mans love.  I really like the break at about the 1.50 mark, that helps mix things up and allows the vocals and guitar to come through more.

Having a listen to some of their other songs, it becomes apparent the band have a pretty versatile sound. There are falsettos in ‘American Honey Blonde’, some complex indie beats in ‘You Broke It’, and some more pronounced guitar work in ‘Heartbreak Kid’. Check them out for yourself at their unearthed and facebook pages.Woodlock have several really cool songs, and although they are yet to release an album, there is talk of some touring. Until then you are able to download their tracks for free from their unearthed and facebook pages. Have a listen, I really enjoy their sound, and hopefully you do to.