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Broadway Mile


I was recently trawling through Triple J unearthed when I came across this band from Newcastle, Broadway Mile, who apparently released their first EP called ‘Now You Know’ in October this year.

After a quick listen to their two tracks on the site, “‘Til the End’ and “Now You Know”, you could tell these boys had the generic formula for radio success. At the same time though, I couldn’t feel that these boys had a little more to give. The lead vocalist, Tim Broadway (now see how clever the name is!), delivers his clear voice on every track brilliantly but is let down a bit by the backing music, particularly on “Til the End”. A quick youtube search confirms this is the case with some of their other tracks including, ‘For a Better Deal” and “Break My Fall”, suffering from the same issue.

On the bright side, “Now You Know” has a very catchy rift, and is the only song where the music really does Tim’s vocals justice. It also shows that the Novocastrian’s are on the right track, and that perhaps with a bit of guidance from their producers could develop into a solid post-punk band similar to the USA’s Panic at the Disco.

Time will tell, but in the meantime enjoy “Now You Know”.