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Circle – The Middle Album Review


Circle have long been the heavy weights of bedroom recording, releasing half a dozen records since 2005 under various monikers such as Opanoni and The Raindrops. However their forthcoming much hyped album ‘The Middle‘, is Circle’s debut studio album and features nostalgic tunes pitted against the melancholy.

The album kicks off with title track ‘The Middle’, which is an instant throwback to 90s shoegazing nostalgia. With the mood set, Circle then dive headfirst into the lead single ‘Fashion Me A Drum’. ‘Fashion Me A Drum’ is a delicate indie track hidden under some driving synth soaked beats. The vocals mellow and give off a slight hint of  . Its a song that just gives off pre-adventure vibes, and appropriately sits atop of the album, ready to dive into the middle of ‘The Middle’.

‘Gorgeous perhaps best highlights how Bec Shave &  Radi Safi’s girl/boy vocal combination has seen them likened to Belle and Sebastian, but they have a bit more of an upbeat dancier vibe on their other songs. ‘I Believe’ in particular is a bouncy, dance-able indie pop delight, one of those songs that is sweet without being overly so. It is one of my favourites off the album, as I just love the inclusion of the horns, and how the track is occasionally interjected with a catchy guitar hook. It’s a real winner.

Each track gives a little something different. ‘Hold’ has euphoric harmonies, ‘Half Race Girls’ (can you say that?) is more upbeat rocky track with some catchy melodies on the keys, whilst the final track ‘Ready To Dance’ gives off hint of reverb.

The Circle also have official 70s retro intgerity with ‘The Middle’ being engineered by Mike Stavrou, the same guy that did Bowie and Kate Bush. Add some final mastering by Brain Gardener, who is also responsible for Frenchy’s Phoenix, and you have an album of extravagant indie with some legit retro vibes.

The Middle drops officially on August 1st, get excited!